Dr Cheryl Cockburn-Wootten
Adult Education; Ageing; Classroom Management; Communication; Culture; Disabilities; Education Research; Gender; Inclusive Education; Inclusive Learning; Management; Pedagogy; Poverty; Public Relations; Social Movements; Tourism; Women and Gender Studies

Dr Gazi Hassan
Climate; Economic Development; Economics; Globalisation; International Finance; Labour Market; Migration; Pacific Issues; Poverty; Religion; Social Science Research; Statistics; Sustainability

Simon Lowe
Adult Education; E-Learning; Poverty; Restorative Practices; Social Science Research; Social Sciences and Education; Social Work; Violence; Work Experience-Based Learning

Maria Neal
Accounting; Agriculture; Consumer Behaviour; Corporate Governance; Economics; Environment; Environmental Resources and Planning; Finance; International Trade; Labour Market; Management; Management Accounting; Management and Education; Poverty; Teacher Professional Learning/Development; Tertiary Education; Youth

Dr Mohi Rua
Cultural Learning; Culture; Health; Indigenous Peoples Sport; Indigenous Rights; Maori Culture/Tikanga; Maori Development; Maori Health; Maori Identity; Maori Language; Maori Research; Poverty; Psychology; Social Issues in Sport; Social Movements; Te Reo (Maori Language); Treaty of Waitangi

Dr Ottilie Stolte
Health; Poverty; Psychology; Social Science Research; Sociology