Product Design

Dr Harish Devaraj
Computer Graphic Design; Computing; Electronics; Engineering; Human Computer Interaction; Imaging; Mechanical; Product Design; Technology

Dr Ray Hudd
Engineering; Materials and Processing; Product Design; Road Safety; Sustainability

Andrew Mahon
Coastal Sciences; Electronics; Engineering; Environmental Science and Technology; Marine; Product Design

Dr Benjamin McGuinness
Engineering; Mechanical; Product Design

Mr Nick Pickering
Agriculture; E-commerce; Electronics; Engineering; Human Computer Interaction; Knowledge Management; Leadership; Learning in Science and Technology; Product Design; Remote Sensing; Software Engineering; Technology; Technology Education; Web; Work Experience-Based Learning

Dr Shivendu Pratap Singh
Databases; Product Design; Technology

Dr Nicholas (Nic) Vanderschantz
Computer Graphic Design; E-Learning; Human Computer Interaction; Market Research; Product Design; Technology; Typography in Learning; Web