A/Professor Edgar Burns
Education Research; Environment; Inclusive Learning; Professional Learning; Sociology; Sociology and Education

Dr. Gloria Clarke
Children's and Youth Sport; Education; Gifted and Talented Education; Maori Development; Maori Health; Maori Identity; Sociology; Youth

Professor Francis Collins
Geography; Globalisation; Human Geography; Labour Market; Migration; Population Studies; Social Science Research; Sociology

Dr Hamish Crocket
Extreme/Alternative Sports; Gender; Health; Learning and Education; Pedagogy; Race and Gender in Sport; Social Issues in Sport; Sociology; Sports

Professor Bruce Curtis
Agriculture; Agriculture and Biosystems; Animal Behaviour; Corporate Social Responsibility; Culture; Cyber Security; Data; Data mining; Digital Libraries; E-commerce; Education Policy; E-Education; Globalisation; Leadership; Learning; Machine Learning; Morals and Ethics; New Zealand History; New Zealand Politics; Screen and Media; Social Movements; Social Networks; Social Policy; Social Science Research; Social Sciences and Education; Sociology; Sociology and Education; Supply Chain Management; Teaching; Tertiary Education; Web

Dr Nicole Pepperell
Doctoral Education; Social Science Research; Sociology; Tertiary Education

Dr Kate Prickett
Human Development; Population Studies; Social Policy; Sociology

Professor Katrina Roen
Gender; Health; Psychology; Social Science Research; Sociology; Women and Gender Studies; Youth

Dr Ottilie Stolte
Health; Poverty; Psychology; Social Science Research; Sociology

Professor Holly Thorpe
Advertising and Sport; Children's and Youth Sport; Culture; Extreme/Alternative Sports; Gender; Globalisation; Health; Race and Gender in Sport; Social Issues in Sport; Social Science Research; Sociology; Sports; Tourism; Women and Gender Studies; Youth

Professor Martin Thrupp
Education Policy; Education Research; Sociology

Dr Robert Townsend
Disabilities; Elite Athletes; Inclusive Education; Learning and Education; Pedagogy; Professional Learning; Social Issues in Sport; Sociology; Special Education; Sports

Professor Belinda Wheaton
Children's and Youth Sport; Environmental Policy and Politics; Extreme/Alternative Sports; Gender; Social Issues in Sport; Social Movements; Social Science Research; Sociology; Sport Education; Sport Governance; Sport Science; Sports; Women and Gender Studies; Youth