Software Engineering

Dr Judy Bowen
Computing; Data; Formal Methods; Human Computer Interaction; Software Engineering

Mr Michael Collins
Data; Databases; Software Engineering; Web

Mr Nilesh Kanji
Computer Graphic Design; Computers and Education; Computing; Databases; Distance Learning; E-Education; E-Learning; Human Computer Interaction; Software Engineering; Teaching Online; Technology

Dr. Panos Patros
Computing; Databases; Electronics; Engineering; Performance; Resource Management; Software Engineering

Mr Nick Pickering
Agriculture; E-commerce; Electronics; Engineering; Human Computer Interaction; Knowledge Management; Leadership; Learning in Science and Technology; Product Design; Remote Sensing; Software Engineering; Technology; Technology Education; Web; Work Experience-Based Learning

Professor Steve Reeves
Computing; Cryptography; Cyber Security; Financial Accounting; Formal Methods; Human Computer Interaction; Software Engineering

Dr Jessica Turner
Computing; Software Engineering