Dr Sanush Abeysekera
Data; Machine Learning; Statistics

Professor Troy Baisden
Agriculture and Biosystems; Climate; Environment; Environment Issues; Environmental Change; Environmental Impacts; Environmental Science and Technology; Geochemical Environment; Globalisation; Knowledge Management; Natural Resources; Radiocarbon Dating; Remote Sensing; Science; Statistics; Sustainability

Dr Paul Brown
Mathematics; Statistics

Dr Robert Durrant
Data; Data mining; Machine Learning; Mathematics; Statistics

Dr Han Liang Gan
Mathematics; Statistics

Dr Gazi Hassan
Climate; Economic Development; Economics; Globalisation; International Finance; Labour Market; Migration; Pacific Issues; Poverty; Religion; Social Science Research; Statistics; Sustainability

Professor Brendan Hicks
Biology; Environment Issues; Natural Resources; Statistics

Dr Yang Hu
Economics; Finance; Statistics

Dr Chaitanya Joshi
Mathematics; Statistics

Dr Ye Chow Kuang
Computing; Data; Engineering; Machine Learning; Statistics

Dr Chunhuan Lao
Data; Data mining; Databases; Health; Machine Learning; Population Studies; Statistics

Dr Nick Jin Sean Lim
Machine Learning; Mathematics; Statistics

Dr Oleg Medvedev
Ageing; Anxiety; Assessment and Evaluation in Education; Bilingualism; Child Behaviour; Children; Data; Depression; Health; Human Behaviour; Psychology; Restorative Practices; Science; Statistics; Teaching

Dr Sashi Sharma
Language/Literacy/Linguistics; Mathematics Education; Statistics; Teacher Education

Dr Lisa Tompson
Crime; Data; Social Policy; Social Science Research; Statistics

Mr Ian Wagstaff
Mathematics; Statistics

Dr Yingsha Zhang
Consumer Behaviour; Data mining; Human Geography; Machine Learning; Management; Marketing; Statistics; Tourism; Tourism and Accommodation; Tourism Development; Tourism Impacts