Dr Aleea Devitt

Aleea Devitt

Lecturer in Cognitive Psychology

Qualifications: PhD; BSc (Hons)

About Aleea

I completed my Ph.D. in Psychology at The University of Auckland. I then spent four years as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Harvard University.

Papers Taught

Research Interests

How do we think beyond the here and now, reflect back on past experiences, and anticipate upcoming situations? How does age-related memory decline affect our ability to mentally time travel?

My research examines the links between the future and the past - how we use memory to imagine future events, and in turn how thinking about the future alters memory. I also explore how healthy aging influences our ability to remember past events and imagine future scenarios. To answer these questions, I use cognitive/behavioural methods, neuropsychological testing, neuroimaging, and multilevel modelling. Ultimately, by understanding how memory and imagination interact, we can develop ways of enhancing memory accuracy and well-being across our lifespan.

Recent Publications

  • Devitt, A. L., Thakral, P. P., Szpunar, K., Addis, D. R., & Schacter, D. L. (2020). Age-related changes in repetition suppression of neural activity during emotional future simulation. Neurobiology of Aging. doi:10.1016/j.neurobiolaging.2020.06.016

  • Thakral, P. P., Madore, K. P., Devitt, A. L., & Schacter, D. L. (2019). Adaptive constructive processes: An episodic specificity induction impacts false recall in the Deese-Roediger- McDermott paradigm. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General. doi:10.1037/xge0000577

  • Devitt, A. L., & Schacter, D. L. (2019). Looking on the bright side: Aging and the impact of emotional future simulation on subsequent memory. The Journals of Gerontology: Series B. doi:10.1093/geronb/gbz041

  • Devitt, A. L., & Schacter, D. L. (2018). An Optimistic Outlook Creates a Rosy Past: The Impact of Episodic Simulation on Subsequent Memory. Psychological Science, 29(6), 936-946. doi:10.1177/0956797617753936

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Ageing; Human Behaviour; Human Development; Psychology

Autobiographical memory; Future thinking; Imagination; fMRI

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