Dr Andrew D La Croix

Andrew La Croix

Senior Lecturer

Qualifications: B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D.

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Papers Taught

Research Supervised


  • Erman Kamaruzaman (in progress). Seismic geomorphology of deep water sedimentary systems in Taranaki Basin, New Zealand.

M.Sc. (Research)

  • Daniel Bruce (in progress). Depositional history of Ōhiwa Harbour, New Zealand from a petrological and geochemical perspective.
  • Thomas Austin (in progress). Stratigraphy of the Hamilton Basin, New Zealand.
  • Natasha Smith (in progress). Geochemistry and petrography of sediments in the lower Waihou River, New Zealand.
  • Ben Roche (in progress). Process sedimentology of the lower Waihou River, New Zealand.
  • Anya Podrumac (2021). Process sedimentology of Port Waikato, New Zealand.


  • Te Herenga Tahere-Williams (in progress). Shallow seismic stratigraphy of the lower Waihou River and Firth of Thames, New Zealand.

Research Interests

I conduct research in the broad field of sedimentary geology and lead the Sedimentary Environments and Analogues Research Group. The main thrust of my science is to understand the distribution and characteristics of sedimentary strata in the context of their controlling depositional processes (biological, chemical, and physical). I use sedimentology, ichnology, and stratigraphy to build analogues from modern sedimentary environments in order to make better interpretations of the rock record. Studies conducted by the Sedimentary Environments and Analogues Research Group focus on sediments and strata of all ages and use a wide range of datasets and analysis techniques (e.g., oceanographic instrumentation, 2D and 3D seismic, well logs, sediment cores, etc). The research bridges the gap between scientific curiosity and real-world application such as reservoir characterization and modelling of water, hydrocarbon, and CO2 reservoirs or burial of organic carbon and heavy metals in modern sediments.

In addition to my research activity, I am also an active reviewer for several international journals, as well as an Associate Editor for the Bulletin of Canadian Energy Geoscience.

Recent Publications

  • Gugliotta, M., Saito, Y., Ta, T. K. O., Nguyen, V. L., La Croix, A. D., Wang, Z., . . . Lieu, K. P. (2021). Late Holocene stratigraphic evolution and sedimentary facies of an active to abandoned tide‐dominated distributary channel and its mouth bar. Sedimentology. doi:10.1111/sed.12940

  • La Croix, A. D., & Gingras, M. K. (2021). Facies characteristics and stratigraphy of an Upper Cretaceous mud‐dominated subaqueous delta: Medicine Hat Member (Niobrara Formation), Alberta, Canada. Sedimentology. doi:10.1111/sed.12875

  • King, M. R., La Croix, A. D., Gates, T. A., Anderson, P. B., & Zanno, L. E. (2021). Glossifungites gingrasi n. isp., a probable subaqueous insect domicile from the Cretaceous Ferron Sandstone, Utah. Journal of Paleontology, 1-13. doi:10.1017/jpa.2020.115

  • Gugliotta, M., Saito, Y., Ta, T. K. O., Nguyen, V. L., Tamura, T., Wang, Z., . . . Nakashima, R. (2021). Abandonment and rapid infilling of a tide-dominated distributary channel at 0.7 ka in the Mekong River Delta. Scientific Reports, 11(1). doi:10.1038/s41598-021-90268-6 Open Access version:

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Geology; Science

Sedimentology; Ichnology; Stratigraphy; Energy Geoscience; Carbon Storage