Amanda Sircombe

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Research and Postgraduate Research Manager - Waikato Management School

Qualifications: MSocSci (Hons) Waikato

Recent Publications

  • Costley, C., Cockburn-Wootten, C., Sircombe, A., & McIntosh, A. (2011). Research ethics education: Principles or compliance. In Australasian Business Ethics Network Conference. Conference held at Auckland, New Zealand.

  • Haisman, N., Sircombe, A., & Wisneski, B. (2006). Developing and implementing a work life balance program in a university faculty. In Wellbeing Seminar. Conference held at Hamilton, New Zealand.

  • Haisman, N., Sircombe, A. M., & Wisneski, R. S. (2005). (A)TEM guide to the balanced galaxy: A narrative of the work/life balance experiences at Waikato Management School. In 2005 Tertiary Education Management Conference. Conference held at Perth, Australia.

  • Sircombe, A. M. (2003). The Child Migrant Scheme - a New Zealand story. In New Zealand Historical Association Conference. Conference held at University of Otago, Dunedin.

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Phone: +64 7 838 4376