Dr Ajit Pal Singh

Ajit Pal Singh

Lecturer (Tauranga)

Qualifications: BE Honours (Mechanical), PhD (Materials and Processing), Waikato

Papers Taught

Research Interests

  • Powder metallurgy/thermomechanical processing of titanium and titanium alloys
  • Effects of residual impurities and microstructure on the fracture behaviour of titanium alloys
  • Mechanical performance (particularly fracture toughness) of powder-produced Ti-6Al-4V
  • Processing and characterisation of powder produced metal matrix composites, nanofiber composites, sandwich structured composites and ceramic materials

Recent Publications

  • Singh, A. P., Gabbitas, B., Brown, I. W. M., & Mukhtar, A. (2021). Processing, microstructure, properties and fracture behaviour of Ti–6Al–4V manufactured from pre-alloyed powder. Materials Science and Technology, 37(1), 23-32. doi:10.1080/02670836.2020.1858601

  • Singh, A. P., Yang, F., Torrens, R., & Gabbitas, B. (2019). Heat treatment, impact properties, and fracture behaviour of Ti-6Al-4V alloy produced by powder compact extrusion. Materials, 12(23). doi:10.3390/ma122333824 Open Access version:

  • Singh, A. P., Yang, F., Torrens, R., & Gabbitas, B. (2019). The effect of heat treatment on the mechanical properties of Ti-6Al-4V alloy produced by consolidating a high impurity blended powder mixture using a combination of powder compact hot pressing and extrusion. Journal of Materials Research. doi:10.1557/jmr.2019.26

  • Yang, F., Gabbitas, B., Raynova, S., Singh, A., & Bolzoni, L. (2018). Preparation of Ti-5553 alloy by different extrusion processes from elemental powder mixtures. Key Engineering Materials, 770, 31-38. doi:10.4028/

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Engineering; Materials and Processing; Mechanical; Teaching

Titanium Alloys, Powder Metallurgy Process, Fracture Toughness, Microstructure, Heat Treatment Process, Interstitial Impurity, Mechanical Property and Failure Behaviour

Contact Details

Email: [email protected]
Room: TCBD.4.02
Phone: +6472620533