Ms Andrea Haines

Andrea Haines

Senior Tutor/Programme Co-ordinator

Qualifications: JP BA MEd (Waik)

About Andrea

I have worked in the learning development field since 1990. My current role is Programme Co-ordinator in  Student Learning.  My specific focus is Student Learning's provision of one-to-one consultations and support for graduate and higher degree students through targetted workshops in Faculties and the Doctoral Writing Conversations initiative.  Outside the University a major interest is the promotion of film culture in New Zealand. I serve as a Justice of the Peace on campus.

Recent Publications

  • Johnson, E., & Haines, A. (2017). Making implicit explicit: generic writing workshops. In S. Carter, & D. Laurs (Eds.), Developing Research Writing. A handbook for supervisors and advisors (pp. 46-50). Retrieved from

  • Johnson, E. M., Haines, A., & Gera, C. (2011). WaiBoost: An intensive cohort programme for developing tertiary-level academic skills. In Proceedings of the 2011 Annual International Conference of the Association of Tertiary Learning Advisors of Aotearoa/New Zealand (ATLAANZ) (pp. 58-69). Conference held at (Conference held , Petone, New Zealand: ATLAANZ.

  • Gera, C., Haines, A., & Johnson, E. M. (2011). WaiBoost: Student reflections on turning the tide. In ATLAANZ Conference. Conference held at Wellington Institute of Technology, New Zealand.

  • Johnson, M., Haines, A., & Strang, P. (2010). Thesis writing circles: An approach to higher degree writing interdependence. In ATLAANZ Annual Conference. Conference held at Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology, Christchurch.

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Haines, Ms Andrea 6078 ash1 M.1.04 Centre for Tertiary Teaching & Learning
Haines, Ms Andrea 6078 ash1 M.1.04 Justices of the Peace

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