Professor Bruce Curtis

Bruce Curtis

Head of School of Social Sciences

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  • Curtis, B. (2021). An attitudinal study of academic staff in the humanities and social sciences, New Zealand Sociology.. New Zealand Sociology, 36, 103-115. Retrieved from

  • Curtis, B. (2020). Working. In S. Matthewman, B. Curtis, & D. Mayeda (Eds.), Being Sociological (3rd ed.). Red Globe Press.

  • Curtis, B. (2020). Markets as politics: The case of the meat export industry of New Zealand (Reprint of 1999 chapter). In D. Burch, J. Goss, & G. Lawrence (Eds.), Restructuring Global and Regional Agricultures: Transformations in Australasian Agri-food Economies and Spaces. Routledge.

  • Curtis, B. (2020). Researching. In S. Matthewman, B. Curtis, & D. Mayeda (Eds.), Being Sociological (3rd Edition). Red Globe Press.

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Agriculture; Agriculture and Biosystems; Animal Behaviour; Corporate Social Responsibility; Culture; Cyber Security; Data; Data mining; Digital Libraries; E-commerce; Education Policy; E-Education; Globalisation; Leadership; Learning; Machine Learning; Morals and Ethics; New Zealand History; New Zealand Politics; Screen and Media; Social Movements; Social Networks; Social Policy; Social Science Research; Social Sciences and Education; Sociology; Sociology and Education; Supply Chain Management; Teaching; Tertiary Education; Web