Associate Professor Chris Eames

Chris Eames

Director Postgraduate Research and Programmes and Director, TEMS Education Research Centre

Qualifications: MSc Waikato, PhD Waikato

Papers Taught

Research Interests

Chris is an Associate Professor in the Technology, Environmental, Mathematics and Science Education Research Centre (TEMS) located within the School of Education. He teaches pre-service and in-service teacher education students in environmental and sustainability education, and science education. He has a number of Master's and doctoral research students studying climate change education and activism, environmental education curriculum and learning progression, as well as pedagogical content knowledge and STEM learning.

Chris has conducted research and evaluation projects for the Ministry of Education and the Teaching and Learning Research Initiative in the past few years. His current research interests focus on climate change education, and environmental and sustainability learning. He is an executive member of the New Zealand Association for Environmental Education (NZAEE) and committee member for the Waikato branch. He is Associate Editor of the Australian Journal of Environmental Education, on the editorial board of the Journal of Environmental Education and acts as a reviewer for Environmental Education Research.

Chris is also an Honorary Life member of the New Zealand Association for Co-operative Education (NZACE).

Recent Publications

  • Everth, T., Bright, R., Morey, C., dePetris, T., Gaze, S., Barker, A., . . . Eames, C. (2021). Building capacity for climate-change education in Aotearoa New Zealand schools. SET, 2021(2), 40-45. doi:10.18296/set.0202

  • Bright, M. L., & Eames, C. (2021). From apathy through anxiety to action: emotions as motivators for youth climate strike leaders. Australian Journal of Environmental Education, 1-13. doi:10.1017/aee.2021.22

  • Khoo, E., Soanes, A., & Eames, C. (2021). Evaluating the impact of virtual reality-supported teaching on primary student learning: Final Report. Hamilton, New Zealand: Wilf Malcolm Institute of Educational research. Retrieved from

  • Wright, N. (2021). An historical perspective of learning spaces. In N. Wright, & E. Khoo (Eds.), Pedagogy and Partnerships in Innovative Learning Environments (pp. 19-39). Singapore: Springer. doi:10.1007/978-981-16-5711-5_2

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Education; Education Research; Environment; Environmental Education; Pedagogy; Schools (Primary/Secondary); Science Education; Sustainability; Teacher Education; Teaching and Learning

sustainability education, climate change education

Contact Details

Email: [email protected]
Room: TC1.04B
Phone: 838 4357
Cellphone: 027 664 8372