Professor Bryony James

Bryony James

Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research

Qualifications: B.Eng (Hons) Bath, PhD Auckland

About Bryony

Bryony was appointed as DVC(R) in April 2020, starting her job in the middle of the COVID lockdown.  In her role as DVC(R), it is her responsibility to shape and deliver the University's research strategy.

She was previously Deputy Dean in the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Auckland and has a background in materials science and engineering, and food engineering.

She is a member Physical Sciences Investment Panel, for Return on Science, and a member of the board of WaikatoLink.

Research Supervised

Happy to receive enquiries from prospective PhD and Masters students interested in studying subjects at the intersection of food science, social science and materials science.  Also anyone interested in pursuing meta-research, the area of research-on-research.

Research Interests

As DVC(R) I am increasingly interested in the role that research management and metrics play in a vibrant and successful Research, Science and Innovation sector.  To misquote Churchill: "We shape our systems; thereafter they shape us".  We need to craft systems that support and enable transformative research across all the disciplines, and we can only do so by understanding the enablers and the hurdles.

In my disciplinary research I am a materials engineer who has strayed from the true path of metals, plastics and ceramics and now I study food.  My research is rooted in traditional materials science approaches, with particular emphasis on the characterisation of structure, and the impact of food structure on food properties and oral processing.

As food structure is altered by chewing so too chewing is influenced by food structure, and as we spiral towards the gullet things become increasingly complex.  It’s this challenge that means the area is endlessly fascinating, and that drives my research programme in food texture and its impact on satiation (the focus of my current Marsden funded project). I also have ongoing projects linking structure and rheology of chocolate to its oral and functional properties, and the impact of ageing on chewing ability and the perception of texture.  In conjunction with Pernod Ricard Winemakers NZ I have previously investigated novel ways of removing proteins from wine, and I have worked with Fonterra examining the impact of structure on the functional properties of dairy products.

Recent Publications

  • Herrington, P. R., James, B., & Henning, T. F. P. (2022). Effect of concentration on the rate of formation of carbonyl compounds during oxidation of roading bitumen. Fuel, 322. doi:10.1016/j.fuel.2022.124133

  • Li, Y., & James, B. (2021). Oral processing preference affects flavor perception in dark chocolate with added ingredients. Journal of Food Science, 86(1), 177-183. doi:10.1111/1750-3841.15557

  • Patterson, N. M., Zhong, Y., James, B. J., Gant, N., & Hautus, M. J. (2021). Effect of basic structural variation, aimed at increasing perceivable textures in model foods, on the perception of textural complexity. Food Quality and Preference, 91. doi:10.1016/j.foodqual.2021.104196

  • James, B., & Malmström, J. (2020). Chapter 14: Applications of Scanning Electron Microscopy and Atomic Force Microscopy to Food Structure Characterisation. In Food Chemistry, Function and Analysis (Vol. 2020-January, pp. 361-382). doi:10.1039/9781788016155-00361

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Contact Details

Email: [email protected]
Room: B1.03
Phone: +64 7 837 9282