Dr Chanelle Gavin

Chanelle Gavin


Qualifications: BE Honours (Chemical and Biological Engineering), PhD (Engineering)

About Chanelle

Chanelle is based at the newly-built Tauranga campus where the first year of Engineering is on offer for selected programs (mechanical, mechatronics, electrical and electronic, and civil).

Chanelle lectures on a broad range of topics including: polymers/plastics, non metallic materials, materials properties and behaviour, engineering fundamentals (mass balances and thermodynamics) and engineering and society.


Chanelle is currently looking for a masters student to work with her on bio-inspired materials produced from aquaculture waste. This project aims to encourage waste minimisation in the growing and diversifying field of aquaculture in the Bay of Plenty and is a step towards a circular economy. If you are interested in the project please contact: [email protected]

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Papers Taught

Research Interests

Chanelle recently completed her PhD in Engineering. Her PhD research focused on the development of a bioplastic packaging foam from a material called Novatein to replace traditional non biodegradable materials.

Chanelle's research interests include projects with an agriculture or environmental flavour overlapping with materials, biomaterials and/or processing. She also has experience with protein separation processes, protein structural analysis as well as plastic processing and materials analysis.

She is a member of the Waikato Centre for Advanced Materials and Manufacturing (WaiCAMM) and the Sustainable Energy, Water and Resilient Systems research groups

Recent Publications

  • Gavin, C., Verbeek, C. J. R., & Lay, M. C. (2019). Formation of secondary structures in protein foams as detected by synchrotron FT-IR. Polymer Testing, 73, 82-86. doi:10.1016/j.polymertesting.2018.10.043

  • Gavin, C., Verbeek, C. J. R., Lay, M. C., Bier, J. M., & Hicks, T. M. (2019). Thermal analysis and secondary structure of protein fractions in a highly aggregated protein material. Polymer Testing. doi:10.1016/j.polymertesting.2019.04.023

  • Gavin, C., Verbeek, C. J. R., & Lay, M. C. (2019). The role of plasticizers during protein thermoplastic foaming. Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 136(30). doi:10.1002/app.47781

  • Gavin, C., Verbeek, C. J. R., & Lay, M. C. (2018). Morphology and compressive behaviour of foams produced from thermoplastic protein. Journal of Materials Science, 53(22), 15703-15716. doi:10.1007/s10853-018-2714-5

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Bio-based materials

Contact Details

Email: [email protected]
Room: TCBD.4.02 (Tauranga Campus)
Phone: Extension 3532