Dr Chelsea J Blickem

Chelsea Blickem

Director, English Language Development, CeTTL

Qualifications: BScEcon (Hons); CELTA; CertHE; MA App Ling; PhD

Research Interests

academic literacies; language learning and teaching; knowledge in curriculum; professional knowledge; English as an additional language/as a second language

Recent Publications

  • Blickem, C. (2013). Opportunities and challenges: Managing program quality and institutional partnerships in a transnational educational context. In Teaching in Transnational Higher Education: Enhancing Learning for Offshore International Students (pp. 216-226). Taylor and Francis. doi:10.4324/9780203930625

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Arts and Language Education; English; Language Learning; Language/Literacy/Linguistics; Languages and Literacy Education; Learning Languages and Education; Teaching and Learning; Teaching English as a second language/English as an additional language; Tertiary Education