Professor C. Kay Weaver

C. Kay Weaver

About C. Kay

Programme: Management Communication
Faculty: Waikato Management School

Recent Publications

  • Schott, G., Weaver, C. K., & Nasir, O. (2021). News of domestic violence: Journalistic imperatives in television news reporting of domestic violence. In 71st International Communication Association Conference, 2021. (Virtual).

  • Weaver, C. K. (2021). Research at the academy-societal interface: a response to future-proofing open communication in the communication disciplines in Australia and New Zealand. Communication Research and Practice. doi:10.1080/22041451.2021.1890883

  • Dharmasena, G., Weaver, C. K., & Toledano, M. (2020). Matters of life, death and adaptive survival: Embedding socio-cultural beliefs and value systems in communication campaigns to build community resilience against natural disasters. In ICA 2020 - 70th Annual International Communication Association Conference. Virtual.

  • Imesha Dharmasena, M. K. G., Toledano, M., & Weaver, C. K. (2020). The role of public relations in building community resilience to natural disasters: perspectives from Sri Lanka and New Zealand. Journal of Communication Management, 24(4), 301-317. doi:10.1108/jcom-11-2019-0144

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