Marg Cosgriff

Marg Cosgriff

Senior Lecturer

Qualifications: B.Ph.Ed with distinction (Otago), DipTchg, MSc (Minnesota)

About Marg

Prior to coming to the University of Waikato  (based in Tauranga) in 2004, I taught health, physical and outdoor education in teacher education programmes at Victoria University of Wellington; instructed in outdoor programmes here and in the United States of America; taught HPE and other learning areas in schools (years 7- 13); and provided support to teachers in education outside the classroom.

I have also had a range of governance roles in school, sport and outdoor-related organisations historically and remain actively involved in sport in my local community through committee and officiating roles associated with surf lifesaving.

I am a regular beach goer and am really interested in the ways in which beach and coastal spaces shape and influence identity and wellbeing. My current doctoral research explores young people's experiences of local beaches and the impacts on wellbeing.

Papers Taught

Research Supervised


Washbourn, P. (M.HSHUP) Ngā whakaaro o ngā ākonga: Māori students experiences and perspectives of outdoor education.

A. Skipworth (M.Ed) Place responsive and culturally responsive outdoor education in secondary schools: Examining teachers' perspectives and  experiences (supervision of second half of thesis period)

S. Watson (M.Ed). Understanding female secondary school students' experiences of outdoor education in Aotearoa New Zealand (co-supervised with Associate Professor Holly Thorpe)

Research Interests

My research interests areas centre on health and physical education in schools, outdoor learning and leadership, and more recently, the impact of blue and green spaces on wellbeing.

School-based research aims to identify innovative, equitable and inclusive pedagogies for movement and outdoor settings. To this end, I have been involved with two collaborative research studies that worked with teachers to reconceptualise outdoor education or HPE in ways that met the needs of diverse learners and communities. This included being a research collaborator in the 'Everybody Counts' study, a Teaching Learning Research Initiative-funded project (see (

My current doctoral and research is examining youth experiences of local coastal bluespaces and the impacts on wellbeing.

Recent Publications

  • Amundsen, D., Ballam, N., & Cosgriff, M. (2019). The ABCs of collaboration in academia. Waikato Journal of Education, 24(2), 39-53. doi:10.15663/wje.v24i2.667 Open Access version:

  • Lynch, P., Bell, M., Cosgriff, M., & Zink, R. (2019). Practising feminst reflexivity: Collaborative letter writing as method. In B. Humberstone, & H. Prince (Eds.), Research Methods in Outdoor Studies (pp. 175-185). Routledge.

  • Wheaton, B., Waiti, J., Cosgriff, M., & Burrows, L. (2019). Coastal blue space and wellbeing research: looking beyond western tides. Leisure Studies, 1-13. doi:10.1080/02614367.2019.1640774

  • Ballam, N., & Cosgriff, M. (2018). Enabling ability and growing talent: The contribution of self, place, and belonging. Australasian Journal of Gifted Education, 27(1), 21-30. doi:10.21505/ajge.2018.0003

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Children; Children's and Youth Sport; Education; Education Research; Environmental Education; Gender; Health; Outdoor Education and Leisure Studies; Pedagogy; Physical Education; Race and Gender in Sport; Schools (Primary/Secondary); Sustainability; Teacher Education; Teaching and Learning; Women and Gender Studies; Work Experience-Based Learning; Youth

Blue and green spaces and wellbeing; Wellbeing

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