Dr Craig Taube-Schock

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Research Associate (Computer Science)

Qualifications: BSc MSc Calgary PhD Waikato

Recent Publications

  • Hinze, A., Bainbridge, D., Cunningham, S. J., Taube-Schock, C., Matamua, R., Downie, J. S., & Rasmussen, E. (2019). Capisco: low-cost concept-based access to digital libraries. International Journal on Digital Libraries, 20(4), 307-334. doi:10.1007/s00799-018-0232-3

  • Hinze, A., Bainbridge, D., Wilkins, R., Taube-Schock, C., & Downie, J. S. (2018). Seeding strategies for semantic disambiguation. In Proc 18th ACM/IEEE Joint Conference on Digital Libraries (JCDL 2018) (pp. 343-344). Conference held Fort Worth, Texas, USA: ACM. doi:10.1145/3197026.3203874 Open Access version:

  • Hill, D. R., Taube-Schock, C. R., & Manzara, L. (2017). Low-level articulatory synthesis: A working text-to-speech solution and a linguistic tool. Canadian Journal of Linguistics/Revue canadienne de linguistique, 62(03), 371-410. doi:10.1017/cnj.2017.15

  • Hinze, A. M., Taube-Schock, C., Bainbridge, D., Matamua, R., & Downie, J. S. (2015). Improving access to large-scale digital libraries through semantic-enhanced search and disambiguation. In 15th ACM/IEEE-CE on Joint Conference on Digital Libraries (pp. 147-156). Conference held Knoxville, Tennessee, USA: ACM. doi:10.1145/2756406.2756920 Open Access version:

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Email: [email protected]
Room: G.2.20