Dr Tim Edwards

Tim Edwards

Senior Lecturer

Qualifications: PhD, BCBA-D

About Tim

Tim is a behavioural psychologist who is interested in learning processes and their contribution to socially significant behaviour. He is interested in bridging gaps between basic and applied research.

He teaches in the University’s Behaviour Analysis Programme and is co-director of the University’s Scent Detection Research Group. Much of his research is cross-disciplinary, involving collaborations with biologists, chemists, and medical researchers.

Papers Taught

Research Interests

Current Research
With support from the HRC, Tim and his collaborators are investigating dogs’ ability to detect lung cancer, and with support from MBIE, they are researching dog’s ability to detect invasive fish in waterways. They are also conducting research on learning processes relevant to scent detection more generally. Additionally, Tim and his students are conducting conceptual and basic research relevant to motivation and language in humans and other animals.

Recent Publications

  • Edwards, T., & Poling, A. (2020). Motivating operations and negative reinforcement. Perspectives on Behavior Science. doi:10.1007/s40614-020-00266-8

  • Edwards, T. L., Lotfizadeh, A. D., & Poling, A. (2019). Rethinking motivating operations: A reply to commentaries on Edwards, Lotfizadeh, and Poling (2019). Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior, 112(1), 47-59. doi:10.1002/jeab.542 Open Access version:

  • Poling, A., Lotfizadeh, A. D., & Edwards, T. L. (2019). Motivating Operations and Discriminative Stimuli: Distinguishable but Interactive Variables. Behavior Analysis in Practice. doi:10.1007/s40617-019-00400-2

  • Edwards, T. L. (2019). Automated canine scent-detection apparatus: Technical description and training outcomes. Chemical Senses, 1-7. doi:10.1093/chemse/bjz039 Open Access version:

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Animal Behaviour; Learning; Psychology; Science

Applied Scent Detection, Signal Detection Theory, Verbal Processes, Motivation

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