Current and Past Research Projects

Current: Mobile makerspaces as a catalyst for fostering STEAM activities in the community.

Current: Developing engineering students’ skills in project management through business-informed coaching, project-based learning, and targeted interdisciplinarity. Funded by University of Waikato Research Trust Contestable Fund 2018.

Current: Strengthening belonging and identity of refugee and immigrant children through early childhood education. TLRI funded project. Also visit the TLRI website.

Current: Refugee families in early childhood education: constructing pathways to belonging.  Marsden funded project

Current: SMILE - Strategising research on Modern/Innovative Learning Environments.

2017: Exploring science and engineering stakeholder views of the essential competencies for the 21st century workplace. Funded by University of Waikato Strategic Investment Fund (SIF 2017).

2016-2017: A developmental evaluation of a new Master’s programme as part of student internship preparation.

2015-2016: Re-engineering an engineering course: How flipped classrooms afford transformative teaching, learning and workplace competency. Also visit the TLRI website

2015-2016: Enhancing boys’ writing through transformational eLearning pedagogy. See the Teacher-led Innovation funded project In collaboration with St. Peter's Catholic School.

2013-2015: Copy, Cut and Paste: How does this shape what we know? Also visit the TLRI website

2012- 2015: iPads and opportunities for teaching and learning for young children (iPads N Kids)

2011-2012 : NILSS - Networked Inquiry Learning in Secondary Science classrooms

2008-2010: SCIAnTICT - Science Classroom Investigations of the Affordances in Teaching with ICT

2008-2010: Exploring e-learning practices across the disciplines in a university environment