Honorary Fellow Roger Briggs

Roger Briggs

Honorary Fellow

Qualifications: MSc PhD Auck

Research Supervised


  • Brink, Megan (2012). Emplacement processes in ignimbrites in the Ongatiti Valley, southeast Te Kuiti.
  • Taylor, Simon (2012). Volcanology of the Raventhorpe and Pokeno West Volcanic Complexes, South Auckland Volcanic Field.
  • Vincent, Kirsty (2012). U-Pb dating of silicic volcanic rocks of the Eastern Coromandel Peninsula.
  • Gibson, April (2011). Volcanology of tuff rings at Kellyville, Onewhero and Bombay, South Auckland Volcanic Field.
  • Vestman Anderson, Linda (2011). A comparison of buried andesites at Ngatamariki and Rotokawa geothermal fields, Taupo.
  • Sanders, Fiona (2010). Rheology and flow emplacement processes of the 1954 lavas, Mount Ngauruhoe.
  • Cody, Ashley (2003). Geology, history and stratigraphy of hydrothermal eruptions in the Rotorua Geothermal Field.

Research Interests

Joined the staff in the Department of Earth Sciences in 1975. Research interests include petrology, geochemistry and mineralogy of volcanic rocks in South Auckland/Waikato, Coromandel and Taupo volcanic zones; stratigraphy and petrology of ignimbrites; trace element and isotope geochemistry; magmatic processes.

Recent Publications

  • Pittari, A., Prentice, M. L., McLeod, O. E., Briggs, R. M., Vincent, K. A., Kamp, P. J. J., & Danisik, M. (2019). Volcanism of ‘Middle Earth’: The North Island landscape between 3.0 and 0.9 Ma. In P. J. J. Kamp, & A. Pittari (Eds.), Abstract Volume: Geosciences 2019 (pp. 156). Conference held in Hamilton, New Zealand.

  • Pittari, A., Briggs, R. M., & Bowyer, D. A. (2016). Subsurface geology, ancient hydrothermal systems and crater excavation processes beneath Lake Rotomahana: Evidence from lithic clasts of the 1886AD Rotomahana Pyroclastics. Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, 314, 110-125. doi:10.1016/j.jvolgeores.2015.10.009

  • Taylor, M., Schnug, E., Curran-Cournane, F., Guinto, D., Gray, C., Drewry, J., . . . Cavanagh, J. (2014). Background concentration of major and trace elements in NZ soils by XRF and acid extraction compared to World literature. Poster session presented at the meeting of NZ Soil Science Society Conference. Hamilton, N.Z.. Retrieved from

  • Taylor, M., Schnug, E., Curran-Cournane, F., Guinto, D., Gray, C., Drewery, J., . . . Briggs, R. M. (2014). Elemental concentrations in soil under different land uses in NZ. In NZ Soil Science Society Conference (pp. 86). Retrieved from

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