Dr Fiona E McCormack

Fiona McCormack

Senior Lecturer, Graduate Advisor, Co-Convenor Master of Environment and Society

Qualifications: PhD University of Auckland; MA First Class Honours, University of Auckland; BSc University College London

Papers Taught

Research Supervised


  • Jacinta Forde "Ngā Taonga Toheroa: The cultural significance of Toheroa in a contemporary Māori community" (ongoing)
  • Lillian Brown  "Gender, power and capital amongst music performers in New Zealand" (ongoing)
  • Sharayne Bennett "Ekononmi and moni tings: an ethnographi comparison of human economies in Vanuatu and Jamaica" (ongoing)
  • James Faiau "Human ecological relations in Alafana community, North Malaita, Solomon Islands (ongoing)
  • Matthew Harms "Culture and Collaborative Conservation? Inter-cultural Difference and the Maungatautari Project" (completed 2018)
  • David Foote "Laowai: Imagined Community and Contested Identity among Shanghai’s expatriates" (completed 2017)


  • Mona-Lisa Wareka "Te Wairua o kaitiakitanga: Exploring different ontologies of kaitiakitanga in the Māori world" (ongoing)
  • Waka Paul "Cutting down our underwater forests: species conflict, environmental management, and the kina barrens of Motunau Island" (ongoing)
  • Jennifer Cooney "Ireland: An Island Nation or a Nation of Islands? Impacts of fisheries management on the cultural, historical and livelihood values of island communities" (completed 2019) (University Centre of the Westfjords, Ísafjörður, Iceland)
  • Hayley Phillips  "Deep Sea Mining and the Solwara 1 Project in Papua New Guinea" (completed 2019)
  • Darelle Howard "The Food Sovereignty Challenge to the Corporate Food Regime: Food for Thought" (completed 2017)
  • Shannon Weaver "Investigating the socioeconomic impacts of the introduced Asian Paddle Crab Charybdis Japonica on New Zealand’s native paddle crab fishery" (completed 2016)
  • Loren Brooking  "Development Agendas and Their Relationships with Secondary Education in Tanzania" (completed 2015)
  • Jacinta Forde  "Health, Culture and Lifestyle in Contemporary Tonga:  With particular reference to Diabetes and Diet" (completed 2015)
  • Keahu Tom "An  investigation of the cultural use and population characteristics of opihi at Kalaupapa National Historical Park" (completed 2011) (Univerity of Hawaii, Hilo)

Research Interests

Environmental anthropology, Economic anthropology, Fisheries, indigeneity, Pacific Anthropology

Recent Publications

  • McCormack, F. (2020). Precarity, Indigeneity and the Market in Māori Fisheries. Public Anthropologist, 2(1), 82-126. doi:10.1163/25891715-00201003

  • McCormack, F., & Forde, J. (2019). Fisheries (Summary). In M. Aldenderfer (Ed.), Oxford Research Encyclopedia, Anthropology. USA: Oxford University Press. doi:10.1093/acrefore/9780190854584.013.183

  • McCormack, F. (2019). Response to Doing Indigenous Epistemology: Internal debates about inside knowledge in Māori Society. Current Anthropology, 60(2), 166-167.

  • McCormack, F. (2018). [Review of Under the volcano: The people of Kalapana, 1823 to 2010 by Charles Langlas and Kūpuna]. Pacific Affairs, 91(4), 863-865.

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