Dr Frances Edwards

Frances Edwards

Senior Lecturer

Qualifications: BSc (Waik), DipT (Auck), CTEFLA, PGDipSLT(Dist), MA (Massey), MEd, PhD (Waik)

Papers Taught

Research Supervised

Assessment, teacher development, assessment literacy for teachers, women in educational leadership, self-assessment, achievement for Pacific students, data literacy

Research Interests

Assessment, Teacher education,  Secondary education, Assessment literacy, Pacific education, Curriculum, Science education

Recent Publications

  • Earl Rinehart, K., Cowie, B., & Edwards, F. (2021). Student Teachers’ views about Visibility of Learning through Classroom Assessment. In ECRA 2021 Virtual Conference.

  • Edwards, F., Cowie, B., & Trask, S. (2021). Using colleague coaching to develop teacher data literacy. In AERA 2021 Sig-data-driven decision making in Education. Online.

  • Edwards, F. (2021). What we can learn when things “go wrong” for students in innovation learning environments. In N. Wright, & E. Khoo (Eds.), Pedagogy and Partnerships in Innovative Learning Environments (pp. 165-187). Singapore: Springer. doi:10.1007/978-981-16-5711-5_9

  • Edwards, F., Cowie, B., Trask, S., Gibson, N., Wallis, M., Bickley-Barry, L., . . . Andrews, K. (2021). Data coaching to lift teacher capability: a success story. In NZAI webinar -[Online presentation].

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Assessment and Evaluation in Education; Curriculum; Education; Pacific/Pacifica Education; Science Education; Teacher Education; Teacher Professional Learning/Development; Teaching