Dr Gemma Collins

Gemma Collins

Recent Publications

  • Collins, G. E., Hogg, I. D., Baxter, J. R., Maggs‐Kölling, G., & Cowan, D. A. (2019). Ancient landscapes of the Namib Desert harbor high levels of genetic variability and deeply divergent lineages for Collembola. Ecology and Evolution, 9(8), 4969-4979. doi:10.1002/ece3.5103 Open Access version:

  • Collins, G. E., Hogg, I. D., Convey, P., Barnes, A. D., & McDonald, I. R. (2019). Spatial and temporal scales matter when assessing the species and genetic diversity of springtails (Collembola) in Antarctica. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution, 7, 18 pages. doi:10.3389/fevo.2019.00076 Open Access version:

  • Beet, C. R., Hogg, I. D. P., Collins, G. E., Cowan, D. A., Wall, D. H., & Adams, B. J. (2016). Genetic diversity among populations of Antarctic springtails (Collembola) within the Mackay Glacier ecotone. Genome, 59(9), 762-770. doi:10.1139/gen-2015-0194 Open Access version:

  • Collins, G. E., & Hogg, I. D. P. (2016). Temperature-related activity of Gomphiocephalus hodgsoni (Collembola) mitochondrial DNA (COI) haplotypes in Taylor Valley, Antarctica. Polar Biology, 39(2), 379-389. doi:10.1007/s00300-015-1788-7

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