Dr Carol Hamilton

Carol Hamilton

Senior Lecturer

Qualifications: PhD (Massey), M.Ed.(Victoria), BA (Victoria), TTC.

About Carol

My research interests include contemporary issues in disability, diversity and inclusion. I completed my PhD -  "In our house we're not terribly sexual" : exploring the barriers to supporting intellectually disabled people in the area of sexuality and intimacy -  in 2008. I have subsequently completed research studies in the area of sterilisation and intellectually disabled people. I have also published articles related to contemporary issues in policy and practice related to inclusive education for disabled students in New Zealand schools. My current research project  - Narratives of Migration - involves working with migrant women who have left their country of origin, and have come to settle in New Zealand and Norway. This project is being undertaken in partnership with Associate Professor Sissel Sollied of the Arctic Univerity (UiT), in Tromsø, Norway.

Since 2012 I have been academic advisor for the Masters in Disability and Inclusion Studies (MDInS) programme. Graduating DInS students since 2013 have successfully completed the following studies:

Directed Study

Lim, GSW (2016) Literature review of Transitions from residential home to semi or fully autonomous settings for adults with disabilities: an international and New Zealand context.

MacLeod, H (2016) deaf Culture in Education: The Barriers for ECE practitioners

Two Paper Dissertation

Alanazi, M (2014) Inclusive Education for Children with Special Needs in Elementary Schools in Saudi Arabia – what are teacher’s beliefs and practices?

Bin Ismail, I (2016) Developing a Carer Identity among Teachers Working with Students with Special Education Needs (SEN): What are Teachers’ Thoughts?

Coffin, R (2016) Can cross government funding models in Aotearoa-New Zealand meet the needs of younger people with profound disabilities?

Kahn S (2016) Autism, a journey through disorder to difference – an understanding of teaching practitioner’s perspectives

Marshall, M (2016) Deaf Adolescents with CI’s: a journey to wonder

Vermeren, L. (2013). Early childhood teachers’ understanding, interpretation and implementation of inclusive practice within the philosophy and framework provided in Te Whāriki

Wilkinson, T. (2014). Parent perspectives of children with autism spectrum disorder living in New Zealand: Transitioning from primary to secondary school

Masters Theses

Bomen, R (2017) How are inclusive education resource centre support students with special needs experiencing education in regular classroom settings in the Town Schools in Western Province of Papua New Guinea? A case Study Approach

Singh, D (2018) Inclusive education in Fiji: Pre-service and in-service primary education teachers’ perspectives and preparedness for inclusive education.

Torombe, R (2013) Teachers’ experiences in implementing inclusive education policy in Papua New Guinea: a study of two primary schools in the National Capital District.

Winis, C (2013) Determining the attitudes of elementary school teachers towards the inclusion of children with disabilities: a case study of three elementary schools in Goroka, Eastern Highlands Province, Papua New Guinea

Papers Taught

Recent Publications

  • Basel, A., & Hamilton, C. (2019). Listening to the voices of students with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Kairaranga, 20(1), 16-23.

  • Sharma, S., & Hamilton, C. (2019). Understanding ableism. Early Childhood Folio, 23(2), 9-13. doi:10.18296/ecf.0069

  • Kecskemeti, M., & Hamilton, C. (2019). Managing relationships in learning environments. In M. Thrupp, & H. Mary (Eds.), The Professional Practice of Teaching in New Zealand (6th ed., pp. 151-170). Cengage AU.

  • Hamilton, C. (2019). Institutionalisation in twentieth century New Zealand. In J. Walmsley, & S. Jarrett (Eds.), Intellectual Disability in the Twentieth Century. Transnational perspectives on people, policy, and practice (pp. 143-164). Policy Press.

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