Mark J. Holmes

Mark Holmes

Professor of Economics

Qualifications: BA (Hons), MSc, PhD (Economics)

About Mark

Mark's research interests include applied macroeconomics as well as the behaviour of interest rates, real estate and energy markets. Recent and older publications include studies of the labour market, interest rate behaviour, inflation targeting and house prices. Mark received his PhD in Economics from the University of Dundee, and has previously been employed by the University of Dundee and then Loughborough University in the UK. Mark has previously served as President of the New Zealand of Association of Economists and as Editor-in-Chief of New Zealand Economic Papers.

Papers Taught

Recent Publications

  • Holmes, M. J., & Otero, J. (2019). The Beveridge Curve across US states: New insights from a pairwise approach. Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, online 20, 20 pages. doi:10.1111/obes.12337

  • Holmes, M. J. (2019). Citation for Stephen Jenkins to mark his Distinguished Fellow award by the New Zealand Association of Economists. New Zealand Economic Papers, 53(3), 315-316. doi:10.1080/00779954.2019.1653555

  • Ha, V. T. C., Holmes, M., Doan, T., & Hassan, G. (2019). Does foreign investment enhance domestic manufacturing firms’ labour productivity? Evidence from a quantile regression approach. Economic Change and Restructuring, online, 18 pages. doi:10.1007/s10644-019-09251-x

  • Hu, J., Jiang, H., & Holmes, M. (2019). Government subsidies and corporate investment efficiency: Evidence from China. Emerging Markets Review, online, 100658. doi:10.1016/j.ememar.2019.100658

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Economics; Energy; International Finance; Labour Market

Contact Details

Room: MSB.2.20
Phone: +64 7 838 4454