Professor Ian Hawes

Ian Hawes


Qualifications: PhD

Papers Taught

Research Supervised


  • Biessy, Laura (in progress). Elucidating the source and transmission of tetrodotoxin in New Zealand bivalves.
  • Picard, Mailys (in progress). Assessing the impact of invasive fish species on lake communities using sedimentary environmental DNA.
  • Skovsholt, Louis (in progress). Eutrophication effects on stream macrophytes.
  • Thang, Ha Nam (in progress). Remote Sensing of Dynamics and Blue Carbon Storage of Seagrass in Tauranga Harbour (Bay of Plenty), New Zealand.
  • Maeztu, Inigo Zabarte (in progress). Sediment-effect Thresholds for the Seagrass Zostera Muelleri in New Zealand


  • McKenzie, Kyle (in progress). Macroinvertebate communities in coastal habitats in the Ross Sea , Antarctica.
  • Mills, Francesca (in progress). Resilience of microbial communities in Antarctic coastal ponds.
  • Reed, Lisa (in progress). Relationships between optical properities of lakes and their cyanobacterial populations.
  • Wilson, Nicholas (in progress). Dynamics of nitrate and sediment in lowland Bay of PLenty rivers.


  • Samra, Aliesha (in progress). Comparing light harvesting efficiency at high and low light in seagrasses in Tauranga Harbour.

Research Interests

Antarctic Aquatic Ecosystems

NZ Lakes

Recent Publications

  • Sutherland, D. L., Howard-Williams, C., Ralph, P., & Hawes, I. (2020). Environmental drivers that influence microalgal species in meltwater pools on the McMurdo Ice Shelf, Antarctica. Polar Biology, 43(5), 467-482. doi:10.1007/s00300-020-02649-8

  • Dillon, M. L., Hawes, I., Jungblut, A. D., Mackey, T. J., Eisen, J. A., Doran, P. T., & Sumner, D. Y. (2020). Energetic and Environmental Constraints on the Community Structure of Benthic Microbial Mats in Lake Fryxell, Antarctica. FEMS Microbiology Ecology, 96(2). doi:10.1093/femsec/fiz207

  • Cantonati, M., Poikane, S., Pringle, C. M., Stevens, L. E., Turak, E., Heino, J., . . . Znachor, P. (2020). Characteristics, main impacts, and stewardship of natural and artificial freshwater environments: Consequences for biodiversity conservation. Water (Switzerland), 12(1). doi:10.3390/w12010260

  • McAllister, T. G., Wood, S. A., Mackenzie, E. M., & Hawes, I. (2020). Reach-and mat-scale differences in microcoleus autumnalis (Cyanobacterium) accrual along velocity and nitrate gradients in three New Zealand rivers. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, 77(2), 401-412. doi:10.1139/cjfas-2019-0133

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Biology; Oceanography

Geobiology, microbial ecology, plant physiology, limnology.

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Email: [email protected]
Phone: +64 7 5785927
Cellphone: +64 21 02281494