Dr Joeliee Seed-Pihama

Joeliee Seed-Pihama

Post Doctoral Research Fellow

Qualifications: BA(Hons), PGDip Trans & Inter, MA, PhD

Iwi: Te Atiawa, Taranaki, Ngāruahine, Waikato

About Joeliee

Dr Joeliee Seed-Pihama is a mother of three boys and an emerging kaupapa Māori researcher with a passion for Māori ancestral knowledge, storytelling and language. Her PhD work focused on the reclamation, assertion and resurgence of Māori personal names in Aotearoa and the importance of Māori naming narratives for enhancing identity, embedding ancestral narrative and keeping Māori values alive within whānau. Joeliee has a broad range of experience across several sectors and specialist areas and joined Te Kotahi Research Institute in 2017. Joeliee is currently working on a Te Taura Whiri i te Reo Māori funded project looking at the subjective motivations of organisations that use and promote te reo Māori. In another role with Te Whāriki Takapou, a kaupapa Māori sexual and reproductive health organisation, Joeliee champions kaupapa Māori sexuality education for and with total immersion Māori language schools. Joeliee has also worked on several Māori language projects including 'The Māori Naming Project' which explored traditional classification systems of naming flora and fauna within Tainui-waka, as a translator for the localisation of Microsoft and Moodle into te reo Māori and as a research assistant for the ‘Māori language in e-learning’ project. Joeliee was also a member of the Legal Māori Project team which supported the development of ‘He Papakupu Reo Ture: A Dictionary of Māori Legal Terms’. Joeliee also worked for Te Mātāhauariki Research Institute for several years as a researcher and translator.

Recent Publications

  • Pihama, L., Lee-Morgan, J., Smith, L. T., Tiakiwai, S. J., & Seed-Pihama, J. (2019). MAI Te Kupenga: Supporting Māori and Indigenous doctoral scholars within Higher Education. AlterNative, 15(1), 52-61. doi:10.1177/1177180119828065

  • Lee-Morgan, J., Muller, M., Seed-Pihama, J., & Skipper, H. (2019). Tukua ki te Ao: Progressing the normalisation of te reo Māori in organisations. Hamilton, Aotearoa: Te Kotahi Research Institute. Retrieved from

  • Seed-Pihama, J. (2019). Naming our names and telling our stories. In J. -A. Archibald, J. Lee-Morgan, & J. De Santolo (Eds.), Decolonizing Research: Indigenous Storywork as Methodology. London, UK: Zed Books Ltd.

  • Pihama, L., Smith, L. T., Simmonds, N., Seed-Pihama, J., & Gabel, K. (Eds.) (2019). Mana Wahine reader: A collection of writings 1999-2019 (Vol. II). Hamilton, Aotearoa/New Zealand: Te Kotahi Research Institute. Retrieved from

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Seed-Pihama, Miss Joeliee 9589 joeliee 194H.G.06 Deputy Vice-Chancellor Maori

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