Dr. Justin B. Phillips

Justin Phillips


Qualifications: BSc (Computer Science), BA (Political Studies), BA (Hons), MA (Politics and International Relations), PhD
University of Auckland

About Justin

Dr Justin B. Phillips is a political scientist and lecturer in the School of Social Sciences. He specialises in political communication research, particularly on social media utilising big datasets. His recent articles on US & NZ election campaigns, and other forms of political communication using traditional and social media have been published in Mass Communication and Society, Politics & Gender and the Australian Journal of Political Science. Justin’s ongoing research pairs big data with natural language processing (NLP) to examine political communication in an automated fashion across millions of observations.

Recent Publications

  • Carson, A., Gibbons, A., & Phillips, J. B. (2021). Recursion theory and the ‘death tax’. Journal of Language and Politics. doi:10.1075/

  • Phillips, J. (2020). Leave the attacking to others: Assessing the effectiveness of candidate endorsed and independently sourced televised attack ads in the 2016 Presidential Election. Mass Communication and Society. doi:10.1080/15205436.2020.1788602

  • Phillips, J., & Woodman, V. K. G. (2020). Party system fragmentation, social cleavages, and social media: New Zealand’s 2017 election campaign on Facebook. Australian Journal of Political Science. doi:10.1080/10361146.2020.1774506

  • Phillips, J. B. (2019). Negative political communication on social media and the gender gap: A study of men's and women's reactions to presidential candidate attacks on Facebook in 2012 and 2016. Politics & Gender, 1-29. doi:10.1017/s1743923x1900059x

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American Politics; Communication; Data; Data mining; Gender; Machine Learning; New Zealand Politics; Politics; Social Science Research