Dr Kaitlyn Martin

Kaitlyn Martin

Lecturer in Science and Technology Education

Qualifications: BSc (Hons); MEd; PhD

Papers Taught

Research Supervised

Samantha Heaney - Doctor of Philosophy, 2021- (co-supervisor)
The impact of concussion on academic performance and school life for children and adolescents.
Chief supervisor: Professor Nicola Starkey

Mike Li - Doctor of Education, 2021- (co-supervisor)
Inequity in Science Capital - Addressing Student  Participation in Science in New Zealand
Chief supervisor: Associate Professor Maurice Cheng

Bernadette Hall - Master of Educational Leadership, 2021- (sole supervisor)
Curriculum leaders using the flipped classroom approach to lead teachers to increase learning outcomes for students.

Research Interests

My research interests branch from the central question: How can we help more people see themselves in STEM?  Understanding how we can encourage more people to in STEM related careers and develop general scientific literacy for all people are critical kaupapa to addressing some of our most challenging scientific and social challenges...and it can be pretty amazing!

I am open to inquiries about supervision of postgraduate research related to any of the areas mentioned below and/or research that aligns with my interest in helping more people to see themselves in science.  While I am interested in all areas of STEM (or STEAM) I have specialist knowledge in biology, astronomy, and digital technologies and like to apply and investigate these areas in a diversity of educational settings.

The two main streams of research that I currently work in are:

- Investigating science capital for students in Aotearoa New Zealand using qualitative and quantiative strategies.

- Developing and assessing the impact of STEM outreach initiatives aimed at improving achivement, engagement, and inclusivity.

Other research projects I am or have previously been involved in include:

- Reviewing the current landscape of attitudes to STEM in Aotearoa New Zealand.

- Investigating teachers' and students' experiences incorporating mobile filmmaking into secondary science classrooms through case studies and in-school observation

- Coordinating an investigation of the quality of first year academic tutorials in tertiary colleges.

Recent Publications

  • Martin, K. M., Davis, L. S., & Sandretto, S. (2020). Engagement with science across the middle years in New Zealand. New Zealand Journal of Educational Studies. doi:10.1007/s40841-020-00185-x

  • Martin, K. M., Davis, L. S., & Sandretto, S. (2019). Students as storytellers: Mobile-filmmaking to improve student engagement in school science. Journal of Science Communication, 18(5). doi:10.22323/2.18050204

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Biology; Communication; Curriculum; Education; Education Politics; Education Research; E-Learning; Environmental Education; Human Development and Education; Learning; Learning and Education; Learning in Science and Technology; Molecular Biology; Pedagogy; Schools (Primary/Secondary); Science; Science Education; Social Science Research; Sociology and Education; Spanish; Sustainability; Teacher Education; Teacher Practice/Practicum; Teacher Professional Learning/Development; Teaching; Teaching and Learning; Teaching Online; Technology; Technology Education; Tertiary Education; Youth

Astronomy; Biology; Engagement; Science Capital;

Contact Details

Email: [email protected]
Room: TC.1.04
Phone: +64(0)7 837 9643