Dr Janette P Kelly-Ware

Janette Kelly-Ware

Senior Lecturer in ECE

Qualifications: PhD (Waikato), M. Ed (Vic), B Soc Sci (Waikato), B Tchg ECE (Equivalence), NZFKU Diploma

Papers Taught

Research Supervised

PhD (in progress) - Indian early childhood teachers and environmental identity in New Zealand education (2nd Supervisor)

PhD (in progress) - Understanding how ableism affects children with ASD in ECE settings in New Zealand (2nd Supervisor)

PhD (in progress) - Gender in ECE (2nd Supervisor)

M. Ed 60 point dissertation (in progress) - Spiritual/ holistic development in the lives of children with identified disabilities/ additional learning needs in ECE

M. Ed 60 point dissertation (in progress) - Aroha mai! Aroha atu! : A glimpse of love in ECE

M. Ed 30 point directed study (in progress) - Transition from Early Childhood Education to school.

M. Ed 60 point dissertation (2019) - He Waka Hourua: A Wahine Katorika negotiating contested spaces

M. Ed 60 point dissertation (2019) - Development of literacy in young children in ECE in Saudi Arabia

M. Ed 30 point directed study (2018) - The emergent reader's literacy slate

Research Interests

Diversity, the arts, and nature-based education connected to sustainability are all areas where it is possible for adults and children to see, think, and act differently.

Particularly in relation to diversity, dominant discourses often dictate correct and appropriate ways for people, including children, to behave.  Through my research and associated publications and presentations, I examine and challenge normative understandings traditionally seen in the literature.

Multiple and alternative perspectives are the focus of my research and I draw on critical, feminist post-structural, and socio-cultural theoretical perspectives where issues of power and social justice are foremost.

Recent Publications

  • Kelly, J., Foe, C., & Daly, N. (2021). Exploring Pacific Picturebooks to support the language, culture and identity of Pasifika children. A summer scholar’s perspective. Literacy Forum NZ, 36(3), 29-39.

  • Rathore, D., Eames, C., & Kelly-Ware, J. (2020). Indian teachers and environmental identity in Aotearoa New Zealand early childhood education. Teachers and Curriculum, 20(1), 13-21. doi:10.15663/tandc.v20i1.350 Open Access version:

  • Terrini, L., Danko McGhee, K., Denee, R., Lindsay, G., Johnston, M., Brooks, M., . . . Richards, R. (2020). Thinking outside the lines: Colouring-in books, templates and worksheets. ecARTnz, 19, 1-6. Retrieved from[1].pdf

  • Treweek, J., & Kelly-Ware, J. (2020). “But I had it first!” Young children, possession, and social problem solving. Early Childhood Folio, 24(2), 21-25. doi:10.18296/ecf.0083

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Early Childhood/Early Years Education; Environment Issues; Gender; Inclusive Education

Social inclusion, diversity, gender and sexualities, sustainability and nature based education, the arts, picturebooks, working theories, STEEAM