Dr Kelly J Glubb-Smith

Kelly Glubb-Smith

Senior Lecturer, Social Work Programme Convenor

Recent Publications

  • Glubb-Smith, K. J. (2022). Realising values: The place of social justice in health social work practice in Aotearoa New Zealand. Ethics and Social Welfare, 1-16. doi:10.1080/17496535.2022.2055772

  • Glubb-Smith, K. (2020). Realising values: Experiencing and negotiating value demands in health social work practice. (PhD Thesis, The University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand). Retrieved from

  • Glubb-Smith, K. J., & Roberts, T. (2020). Social work education: Reflections during Covid-19 lockdown. Aotearoa New Zealand Social Work, 32(2), 46-48. doi:10.11157/anzswj-vol32iss2id742 Open Access version:

  • Smith, K. (2019). Bringing violence into the open. In Tauranga Continuing Education group, Tauranga, New Zealand.

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Social Work

Social Work in Aotearoa/New Zealand; values and ethics; risk and child maltreatment