Dr Kate Stevens

Kate Stevens

Lecturer, Undergraduate Advisor (History)

Qualifications: BA Honours (University of Otago), Diploma in Language and Culture (University of Otago), PhD (University of Cambridge)

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About Kate

My research focuses on comparative histories of cultural, environmental, and economic exchange in the colonial and postcolonial Pacific.

Recent funding and awards

- Marsden Fund Fast-Start grant 2021-2024 'Urban Island: Histories of Dispossession and Belonging in Suva'

- Camargo Foundation Fellowship Spring 2021 (postponed to 2022 due to Covid-19) 'De/odorizing history: tracing the terroir of oil and soap from French Polynesia to France'

- University Teaching Excellence Award 2020; Divisional Teaching Award 2020

- WSU Service to Clubs Staff Award 2020

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Papers Taught

Research Supervised

I am available to supervise research in Pacific history, British and French colonial history, and environmental history.

Current graduate supervision

Carolyn Hill - PhD thesis (co-supervision with Assoc Prof Silvia Serrao-Neumann): Carrying our anchors: new imaginings for historic heritage in Aotearoa

Holly Parker - Masters thesis:  Environmental history of honey bees in Aotearoa New Zealand

Completed supervision

HISTY390 Undergraduate research projects: Georgia Palmer, Hanneke Stegen, Xavier Worthington (2020)

Summer Research Scholarship projects: Ariana Wilson (2020-21)

Recent Publications

  • Wanhalla, A., & Stevens, K. (2021). A ‘class of no political weight’? Interracial marriage, mixed race children and land rights in southern New Zealand, 1840s-1880s. In J. Moses, & J. Woesthoff (Eds.), Intimate Relationships across Boundaries (Vol. 24, pp. 653-673). Routledge.

  • Stevens, K. (2020). Mixed race identities in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. The Journal of Pacific History, 55(3), 437-439. doi:10.1080/00223344.2020.1722336

  • Wanhalla, A., & Stevens, K. (2019). A ‘class of no political weight’? Interracial marriage, mixed race children and land rights in Southern New Zealand, 1840s-1880s. History of the Family, 24(3), 653-673. doi:10.1080/1081602X.2019.1614474 Open Access version:

  • Infante-Amate, J., Luedtke, B., MacFadyen, J., Robins, J., & Stevens, K. (2019). Roundtable. Fats of the land: New histories of agricultural oils. Agricultural History, 93(3), 520-546. doi:10.3098/ah.2019.093.3.520

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Environmental History; History; Maori History; New Zealand History

Pacific history, colonial history