Dr Laura Gurney

Laura Gurney

Senior Lecturer

Qualifications: PhD, MA TESOL, BA (Hons) Languages and Linguistics, BA International Relations

About Laura

I am a languages educator who specialises in the theorisation of language practice and languages in higher education. I am also an experienced translator.

Divisional Teaching Excellence Award 2019 recipient

University of Waikato Teaching Excellence Award 2019 recipient

Papers Taught

Research Supervised

As a PhD supervisor, I work predominantly in applied linguistics, languages education, and teacher learning and development.

Completed supervisions:

Thy Canh Minh Phan, Doctor of Philosophy (2020)

  • Thesis title: Professional learning in a Vietnamese university language teaching context: An inquiry-driven approach

Banchakarn Sameephet, Doctor of Philosophy (2020)

  • Thesis title: On the fluidity of languages: A way out of the dilemma in English medium instruction classrooms in Thailand

Shazré Sarfraz, Doctor of Philosophy (2019)

  • Thesis title: Rethinking formative assessment through peer observation and reflection: A case study of Pakistani ESL lecturers' cognition and practices

Research Interests

My research explores languages and language learning in higher education, multilingualism and languaging, and teacher learning and development.

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Recent Publications

  • Demuro, E., & Gurney, L. (2021). Languages/languaging as world-making: the ontological bases of language. Language Sciences, 83, 101307. doi:10.1016/j.langsci.2020.101307

  • Gurney, L. (2021). Desirable practice. Modern English Teacher, 30(4), 14-17.

  • Gurney, L., & Grossi, V. (2021). Exploring contours of the entrepreneurial self in the contemporary university: Developing learning and teaching under neoliberal conditions. International Journal for Academic Development. doi:10.1080/1360144X.2021.1919681

  • Everth, T., Bright, R., Morey, C., dePetris, T., Gaze, S., Barker, A., . . . Eames, C. (2021). Building capacity for climate-change education in Aotearoa New Zealand schools. SET, 2021(2), 40-45. doi:10.18296/set.0202

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Adult Education; Arts and Language Education; Education Research; English; Language/Literacy/Linguistics; Languages and Literacy Education; Lifelong Learning; Professional Learning; Teacher Education; Teacher Professional Learning/Development

English as an additional language
Spanish as an additional language

Contact Details

Email: [email protected]
Room: TC 3.24
Phone: Ext. 9563