Dr Liang (Kathy) Li

Liang (Kathy) Li

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Research Interests

My current research interests lie in the area of corpus linguistics, academic literacy, and computer-assisted language learning.

Recent Publications

  • Li, L., Franken, M., & Wu, S. (2020). Bundle-driven move analysis: Sentence initial lexical bundles in PhD abstracts. English for Specific Purposes, 60, 85-97. doi:10.1016/j.esp.2020.04.006 Open Access version:

  • Li, L., Franken, M., & Wu, S. (2019). Chinese postgraduates' explanation of the sources of sentence initial bundles in their thesis writing. RELC Journal, 50(1), 37-52. doi:10.1177/0033688217750641 Open Access version:

  • Li, L., Franken, M., & Wu, S. (2018). Sentence initial bundles: A comparative study between Chinese master's l2 heses and published writing. Asian ESP Journal, 14(7), 129-162. Open Access version:

  • Wu, S. (2018). A systematic review of using discipline-specific corpora for lexico-grammatical pattern learning: a case study for computer science postgraduates. International Journal of Computer-Assisted Language Learning and Teaching, 8(1), 31-49. doi:10.4018/IJCALLT.2018010103

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Chinese; E-Learning; Language/Literacy/Linguistics; Teaching English as a second language/English as an additional language