Dr Laura Lopez-Fernandez

Laura Lopez-Fernandez

Associate Professor. Convenor & Student Adviser (Spanish)

Qualifications: PhD. Univ. of Kansas (Lawrence) Spanish Poetry; M.A. (2 years) Univ. of Colorado (Boulder); B.A. Spanish Philology (5 years) Univ. of Santiago, Spain; Bachelor of International Relations Univ. of Santiago, Spain.

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About Laura

After doing a BA in Spanish Philology (5 years) and a Bachelor in International Relations (4 years) by the University of Santiago de Compostela (Spain), I received a prestigious Scholarship to do a M.A. and a PhD at the University of Boulder, CO. In 1997, after finishing my doctoral dissertation on Essentialist Poetry, which was awarded with Honours, I was Assistant Professor of Spanish for several years and then became Associate Professor.  In 2003, I accepted an academic position at the University of Canterbury where I built the Spanish Programme from scratch. It was a successful programme, although after the continuous seismic events of 2010-2011 things changed. In 2013, I accepted a similar position at the University of Waikato, where I had to develop the Spanish Programme (undergraduate and postgraduate) and to continue with my research.

I conduct individual and collaborative research on contemporary Peninsular and Latin American literature. My main focus is experimental poetry (Concrete, Visual, Sound, Fractal, Hypermedia); Galician studies, Lexicography and Spanish L2. Some of my activities include co-organizing international conferences abroad, giving presentations in indifferent countries: Spain (Univ. of Vitoria; Univ. of Balearic Islands; Univ. of Castilla La Mancha, Ciudad Real), Mexico (BUAP), Australia (Melbourne Univ.), Belgium (Vrije Univ.), China (Beijing Normal Univ.), Philippines (Manila), US (Univ. of Cincinnatti; MLA (Philadelphia); Univ. of Lexington (KY), Univ. of Nebraska, etc., and NZ (Univ. of Auckland; Univ. of Canterbury; Univ. of Waikato).

My teaching practice involves courses on campus with current technology such as Moodle, E-learning, Panopto (video capture management software), and modules for other universities through teleconference and e-learning. I have received several Teaching and Research Awards. I am currently coordinating a research grant project on Mapping Experimental Literature in the Hispanic World.

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Papers Taught

Research Supervised

Recently, I supervised several theses on Spanish language, linguistics and literature as well as Galician Studies from University of La Coruña, Spain; University of Castilla La Mancha (Albacete, Spain), University of Santiago de Compostela, (Spain), etc.

As main supervisor of a M.A. thesis I congratulate Tim Bowron for his excellent research thesis: "Vicente Huidobro and the two souls of Romanticism" (UC, 2013) . This thesis was awarded with Distinction.

Currently, I am supervising two research assistants in two awarded projects: "A digital mapping of Experimental Poetry in the Hispanic World" from a Contestable Research Grant, and "A comparative lexicographic project on Māori, Galician, Spanish and English" from a Summer Research Scholarship (2017-2018).

I invite national and international postgraduate students -doctoral and postdoctoral projects- interested in Experimental poetics, Galician studies, Contemporary Visual Poetry and Society, Spanish-Regional Cultural and Literary studies, and Latin American Literature and Culture. Other projects will also be reviewed for supervision.

Research Interests

My main field of research is Experimental and Intermedia poetry in the Luso-Hispanic world. The study of representative genres in this field includes non-canonical styles such as visual poetry, fractal poetry, sound poetry, installations, typographic poetry, biopoetry, cybernetic poetry, etc.  This field of studies asks for a redefinition of poetry in the 21st century and for a review of the literary canon and its historiography. I also conduct research in Galician Studies, and Teaching & Learning Spanish.

I welcome research supervisions on all of the above topics.

Some of my publications include five sole-authored books, book chapters and articles in specialized journals. Recent books include Expresión y Experimentación en la poesía no discursiva en España y Cuba (in press); Poesía Visual y Experimental: Estudios Críticos (2014) and Form and Perception in Visual Poetry (2008). In the area of digital humanities, I have launched and coordinated the Julio Campal Experimental Poetry Collection (US), the intl. journal Experimental Poetics and Aesthetics (NZ), and the book of essays Exile and Identity in the Hispanic world among others. Recent contributions to international literary projects include Historia Crítica de la poesía mexicana (F.C.E. & CONACULTA Mex. 2015),  and La poesía actual en el espacio público (Edit. Orbis Tertius, 2015). I am a member of several editorial boards and I have been the recipient of several teaching and research awards.

Recent Publications

  • Lopez-Fernandez, L. (2018). Emerging indestructible. In M. Alvarez (Ed.), iViva La Vida! Journeys Through Poetry and Narrative: A Bilingual Selection of Writings by Spanish Speaking Women in Aotearoa (pp. 117). [poem]. Auckland, New Zealand: Letras Latinas Publishing House.

  • Lopez-Fernandez, L. (2018). Iconicidad y Sistematicidad en ABCDario. Journal of Iberian & Latin American Research, 23(3), 336-350. doi:10.1080/13260219.2017.1446306

  • Lopez-Fernandez, L. (2018). The river of oblivion. In M. Alvarez (Ed.), iViva La Vida! Journeys Through Poetry and Narrative: A Bilingual Selection of Writings by Spanish Speaking Women in Aotearoa (pp. 122). [poem]. Auckland, New Zealand: Letras Latinas Publishing House.

  • Lopez-Fernandez, L. (2018). [Review of Valente vital (Ginebra, Saboya, París) by Claudio Rodríguez Fer (Editor)]. Bulletin of Spanish Studies: Hispanic studies and researches on Spain, Portugal and Latin America, XCIV(9), 1635-1636.

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European Union; Language/Literacy/Linguistics; Latin American Literature; Spanish

Iberian & Latin American poetry. Experimental Poetry.

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Room: I.3.03