Dr Lisa Perrott

Lisa Perrott

Senior Lecturer

Qualifications: PhD Waikato
Bachelor of Arts (Hons, first class) Waikato
Bachelor of Media Arts in Moving Image Wintec

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Papers Taught

Research Supervised

With an emphasis on integrating creativity and criticism, Lisa's teaching is also informed by her editing and publishing experience including her current research. Her interests include:

  • Animation theory and practice, experimental animation
  • Documentary theory and practice, documentary hybrid forms, audio documentary
  • Acts of Representation (gender, culture, race, ethnicity, class, sub-cultures, bodies)
  • Multimodal analysis of media texts, intertextuality
  • Music video, visual music
  • Relations between audio and visual media
  • New approaches to sound, music and media
  • Relations between popular music and avant-garde approaches to music, art and culture
  • Popular culture, audio cultures, audio sub-cultures
  • Film production
  • Experimental media production
  • Photography, relations between the still and moving image
  • Intermedia art, art installation, exhibition and curatorial studies
  • Collaborative assemblage, dispersed authorship
  • Performance and theories of performativity (stage, screen and everyday life)
  • Cultural studies, cultural memory
  • Cultural hybridity, diaspora, exile

Having taught across graduate and post-graduate levels for almost two decades, Lisa has experience in supervising Masters and Doctoral students to completion. With the capacity to supervise post graduate projects utilising diverse theoretical approaches and research methods, Lisa has particular experience in supervising projects involving audiovisual analysis, practice-led research, Kaupapa Maori methodologies, audience research, empirical studies of media production and auto-ethnographic methods.

Lisa also has several years experience as an external examiner, and has undertaken degree accreditation and monitor duties for NZQA and various tertiary institutions.

As Programme Convener for Screen and Media Studies and Arts Advisor for the Sir Edmund Hillary Scholarship Programme, Lisa is happy to discuss the application process with potential applicants.

Research Interests

Lisa’s interests include animation, cultural studies and transmedia, with an emphasis on the relations between audio and visual media, popular music, music video and the avant-garde. She is co-editor, with Holly Rogers and Carol Vernallis, of the Bloomsbury book series New Approaches to Sound, Music and Media, and the collected volume Transmedia Directors: Artistry, Industry and New Audiovisual Aesthetics (2019). Lisa is also co-editor, with Ana Cristina Mendes, of the Routledge book David Bowie and Transmedia Stardom (2019) and the Celebrity Studies journal issue Navigating with the Blackstar: The Mediality of David Bowie (2019). Having recently published pieces on The Animated Music Videos of Radiohead, Chris Hopewell and Gastón Viñas (Bloomsbury, 2019) and Majid Adin’s animated music video for ‘Rocket Man’ (MSMI, 2019), Lisa is currently writing a book on the music videos of David Bowie.

Series Editor: New Approaches to Sound, Music and Media (Bloomsbury)

Recent Publications

  • Perrott, L. (2021). Experimental animation and the neosurrealist remediation of popular music video. Animation Practice, Process and Production, 8(1), 85-106. doi:10.1386/ap3_00006_1

  • Perrott, L. (2021). Emily Caston, British Music Video, 1966-2016: Genre, Authenticity and Art. Journal of British Cinema and Television, 18(4).

  • Perrott, L. (2021). Emily Caston, British Music Video, 1966–2016: Genre, Authenticity and Art. Journal of British Cinema and Television, 18(4), 549-552. doi:10.3366/jbctv.2021.0598

  • Mendes, A. C., & Perrott, L. (2019). Introduction: Navigating with the Blackstar: the mediality of David Bowie. Celebrity Studies, 10(1), 4-13. doi:10.1080/19392397.2018.1559959

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Communication; Culture; Gender; Music; Screen and Media

Media studies, transmedia, intermedia, media convergence, auteur studies, media assemblage, dispersed authorship, film, cinema, cultural studies, animation theory and practice, experimental animation, documentary theory and practice, audio documentary, representation, popular music, audiovisual media, music video, visual music, popular culture, avant-garde, surrealism, audio cultures, audio sub-cultures, participatory cultures, film production, experimental media production, art practice, art exhibitions, photography, cultural memory, cultural hybridity, diaspora, exile, hauntology.