Associate Professor Lynne Chepulis

Lynne Chepulis

Associate Professor Medical Research Centre / Nursing

Qualifications: BSc, MSc, Mphil, PhD

About Lynne

Dr Chepulis has a background in physiology, with a specific interest in primary care research, particularly as it relates to the management of diabetes and cardiovascular disease. She is also interested in the links between diet and chronic disease (including cancer and diabetes). She currently leads a number of studies in diabetes epidemiology, including screening for gestational diabetes, and evaluating health system factors that can reduce equity in prescribing in primary care. Her work is strongly collaborative with PHOs, primary care, secondary care and Māori health providers.

Dr Chepulis also teaches applied health science and biomedical sciences within the nursing program, including at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Papers Taught

Research Supervised


Danielle Morey (to commence 2022)

Lakeesha Sandamali (to commence 2022)

Kimberley Norman (in progress)  Exploring the Lived Experiences and Barriers to Obesity Healthcare in Rural Waikato Communities from General Practitioner and Community Member Perspectives

Malgorzata Hirsz (2021). Symptoms and patient characteristics as criteria for diagnosis of colorectal cancer in primary and secondary care in New Zealand.

Wen Janice Lim (2021). Stopping the progression towards type 2 diabetes: hypoglycaemic potential of antioxidant-rich plant extracts.


Ketel, Julian (2016). The biocidal activity of Manuka Cyclopower against strains of methicillin-resistant and sensitive Staphylococcus aureus in the anterior nostrils


Brittany Ryan (2019)  Evaluating the effectiveness of  an Education Group Intervention on the psychological wellbeing of breast cancer patients

Varun Varak (2019) Comparison of carbohydrate loading vs insulin adjustment in patients with Type 1 diabetes during exercise.

Research Interests

Primary care, Diabetes, Obesity, Epidemiology, Chronic disease development, Cancer, Clinical trials, Nutrition

Current projects include
i) evaluating  health system factors that contribute to inequity in  diabetes prescribing in primary care
ii)  Use of  continuous glucose monitors to support diabetes management in primary care
iii) microvascular complications in Type 1 diabetes
iv) ethnic disparity in screening for diabetes in pregnancy 
v) exploring factors that contribute to poor medication adherence
vi) barriers to diagnosis and the effect of co-morbidities in patients with colorectal cancer 
vi) NZ Public Health Nutrition (evaluation of sugars in SSBs, children's breakfast cereals,
processed foods)

Recent Publications

  • Lim, W. X. J., Gammon, C. S., von Hurst, P., Chepulis, L., & Page, R. A. (2022). The inhibitory effects of New Zealand Pine Bark (Enzogenol®) on α-Amylase, α-Glucosidase, and Dipeptidyl Peptidase-4 (DPP-4) Enzymes. Nutrients, 14(8). doi:10.3390/nu14081596

  • Chepulis, L., Mayo, C., Paul, R., Keenan, R., & Lawrenson, R. (2022). Variation in open access vildagliptin use in Waikato patients with type 2 diabetes. New Zealand Medical Journal, 135(1548), 77-88.

  • Chepulis, L., Morison, B., Tamatea, J., Paul, R., Wolmarans, L., & Martis, R. (2022). Midwifery awareness of diabetes in pregnancy screening guidelines in Aotearoa New Zealand. Midwifery, 106. doi:10.1016/j.midw.2021.103230

  • Lim, W. X. J., Gammon, C. S., von Hurst, P., Chepulis, L., Mugridge, O., & Page, R. A. (2022). Rooibos tea extract may help to reduce incretin demand in healthier prediabetes subgroup. In NSNZ 2021. [Virtual]: MDPI. doi:10.3390/msf2022009006

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Biochemistry; Biology; Depression; Health; Population Studies; Science; Science Education

primary care, equity, medications, cancer research, sugar; nutrition; diabetes; disease; elderly, health