Professor Mark Harcourt

Mark Harcourt

Professor of Human Resource Management
Undergraduate Convenor for Human Resource Management

Qualifications: BComm Queens, MIndRel Toronto, PhD Alberta

About Mark

Mark has studied workplace happenings in some of New Zealand’s best-known organisations – turnover at the Bank of New Zealand, stress at the Reserve Bank, commitment at the Police and Fire Services, and occupational over-use syndrome at BRANZ. Mark leads the IBR’s Human Resource Management Research Group, and his research interests include discrimination and human rights legislation, employment tribunal and court decisions, health and safety in the workplace, and occupational health and safety.

Recent Publications

  • Harcourt, M., Gall, G., Vimal Kumar, R., & Croucher, R. (2019). A union default: A policy to raise union membership, promote the freedom to associate, protect the freedom not to associate and progress union representation. Industrial Law Journal, 48(1), 66-97. doi:10.1093/indlaw/dwy005

  • Harcourt, M., Gall, G., Raman, A. S., Lam, H., & Croucher, R. (2019). Critiquing the OECD’s Employment Protection Legislation Index for individual dismissals: The importance of procedural requirements. Economic and Industrial Democracy, online, 22 pages. doi:10.1177/0143831x19856411

  • Harcourt, M., Gall, G., Kumar, R. V., & Croucher, R. (2019). The role of unions in addressing behavioural market failures. Economic and Industrial Democracy, online, 24 pages. doi:10.1177/0143831x19853027

  • Harcourt, M., Novell, N., Wilson, M., & Gall, G. (2019). Implementation of a union default in New Zealand law as an antidote to rising income inequality. Employment Law Bulletin, March(1), 9-12.

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Room: MSB.4.12
Phone: +64 7 837 9277