Dr Maryam Mariya

Maryam Mariya

Senior Tutor

Qualifications: PhD in Applied Linguistics, Massey University

About Maryam

Born and raised in the Maldives, I have a passion for my native language Dhivehi and its history. I moved to New Zealand to pursue a doctoral degree in Applied Linguistics at Massey University after completing a Master degree from the University of Canberra, Australia. I joined Waikato University as a Learning Development Tutor with more than ten years of experience in teaching English in the Maldives. I am interested and excited to continue my career supporting students to develop academic writing skills, to become more effective learners and improve their academic performance.
Outside of UOW, I enjoy getting to know beautiful New Zealand, reading, writing, and going for walks.

Research Interests

Afeef, A., Mariya. M. (2018). Analysis of Compound Sentences in Dhivehi Language. In Theveli Conference. Maldives National University, Male' Maldives.

Afeef, A., Adam, S., Afeef, H., Ali, H., Mariya. M. (2017). Ethnographic Vignettes on Internal Migration in the South Atolls of the Maldives. In Theveli Conference. Maldives National University, Male' Maldives.

Nashida, M., Mariya, M. (2017). Cohesive Ties Used by Students in An Introductory Academic Writing Course At the Maldives National University - An Exploratory Case Study. In Theveli Conference. Maldives National University, Male' Maldives.

Afeef, A., Mariya, M. (2017). Study Guide. Introduction to Linguistics II.  Bachelor of Teaching Dhivehi Language and Literature course. Maldives National University. Male' Maldives.

Mariya, M. (2016). Classroom Practices and Private Tuition in the Maldives: Methodological Reflections on an Ethnographic Study. In Researching Private Supplementary Tutoring (pp. 117-131). Springer, Cham.

Mariya, M. (2002). Mas. Male', Maldives: National Centre For Linguistic and Historical Research

Recent Publications

  • Mariya, M. (2016). Classroom practices and private tuition in the Maldives: Methodological reflections on an ethnographic study. In M. Bray, O. Kwo, & B. Jokić (Eds.), Researching Private Supplementary Tutoring (Vol. 32). Cham: Springer. doi:10.1007/978-3-319-30042-9_6

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Anthropology; Cultural Learning; Education Research; English