Professor Margaret M Barbour

Margaret Barbour

Dean, School of Science

Qualifications: BSc, MSc, PhD, Grad. Cert. Education Studies

Recent Publications

  • Drake, J. E., Harwood, R., Vårhammar, A., Barbour, M. M., Reich, P. B., Barton, C. V. M., & Tjoelker, M. G. (2020). No evidence of homeostatic regulation of leaf temperature in Eucalyptus parramattensis trees: integration of CO<inf>2</inf> flux and oxygen isotope methodologies. New Phytologist. doi:10.1111/nph.16733

  • Harwood, R., Goodman, E., Gudmundsdottir, M., Huynh, M., Musulin, Q., Song, M., & Barbour, M. M. (2019). Cell and chloroplast anatomical features are poorly estimated from 2D cross-sections. New Phytologist, 12 pages. doi:10.1111/nph.16219

  • Shrestha, A., Buckley, T. N., Lockhart, E. L., & Barbour, M. M. (2019). The response of mesophyll conductance to short- And long-term environmental conditions in chickpea genotypes. AoB PLANTS, 11(1). doi:10.1093/aobpla/ply073

  • Li, Y., Song, X., Li, S., Salter, W. T., & Barbour, M. M. (2019). The role of leaf water potential in the temperature response of mesophyll conductance. New Phytologist. doi:10.1111/nph.16214

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