Dr Matthew Driller

Matthew Driller

Senior Lecturer, Masters Programme Lead

Qualifications: PhD

About Matthew

Dr. Matt Driller is an academic staff member in Health, Sport and Human Performance at the University of Waikato. Matt is also a National Board member for Sport and Exercise Science New Zealand. Matt completed his undergraduate qualifications in New Zealand, before relocating to Australia in 2006 where he completed his PhD in Sports Physiology. Matt worked at the Tasmanian Institute of Sport (2006-2009) and the Australian Institute of Sport (2009 - 2014). During his time in Australia, Matt had extensive involvement as a sports physiologist over a range of sports spanning from age group/development athletes through to Olympic and Paralympic medalists. Matt has traveled domestically and internationally with teams from a range of sports for National and World Championship competitions and was a Sports Physiologist for the Australian Paralympic Team at the London Games in 2012. Matt was seconded to be the Head of Performance Physiology at High Performance Sport New Zealand (2017-2018). Matt has published over 85 peer-reviewed journal articles with the majority of these papers in the area of fatigue, recovery and sleep in elite athletes. Matt is currently involved in the supervision of over 15 post-graduate research students (PhD and MSc).

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F. Tavares, PhD.
S. O'Donnell, PhD.
N. Brophy-Williams, PhD.
N. Borges, PhD.
A. Walker, PhD. 
J. Northey, MSc.
S. Ghai, MHSHP.
S. Rodger, MHSHP.
R. Overmayer, MHSHP.
B. Mayo, MHSHP.
B. Mills, MHSHP.
C. Miles, MHSHP.
T. King, MHSHP. 
K. Mackay, MHSHP.
H. Peta, MHSHP.
T. Jayasekara, MHSHP.


D. Edgar, PhD.
S. Fenemor, PhD.
J. Perez, PhD.
L. Posthumus, PhD.
A. Teece, PhD.
D. Wilson, PhD.
R. Atkins, MHSHP.
Z. Dixon, MHSHP.
G. Tong, MHSHP.
A. Oliver, MHSHP.
V. Broderick, MHSHP.
A. Cranston, MHSHP.
Z. Turton, MHSHP.
V. Vartek, MHSHP.

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Recent Publications

  • King, T., McQuillan, J., Gill, N., & Driller, M. (2019). The relationship between on-water performance and physical characteristics in elite and sub-elite outrigger canoe paddlers. New Zealand Journal of Sport and Exercise Science, 2(1). Retrieved from

  • Miles, C., Mayo, B., Beaven, C., McMaster, D., Sims, S., Hebert-Losier, K., & Driller, M. (2019). Resistance training in the heat improves strength in professional rugby athletes. Science and Medicine in Football. doi:10.1080/24733938.2019.1566764

  • Mills, B., Mayo, B., Tavares, F., & Driller, M. (2019). The effect of tissue flossing on ankle range of motion, jump and sprint performance in elite rugby ‎union athletes. Journal of Sport Rehabilitation. doi:10.1123/jsr.2018-0302 Open Access version:

  • Driller, M., & Uiga, L. (2019). The influence of night-time electronic device use on subsequent sleep and propensity to be physically active the following day. Chronobiology International: the journal of biological and medical rhythm research. doi:10.1080/07420528.2019.1588287

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Exercise; Health; Sport Science