Dr Michele Morrison

Michele Morrison

Senior Lecturer, Master of Educational Management (MEdM) Programme Leader

Qualifications: PhD, MEdL, BA(Hons), Dip Tchg

About Michele

Dr Michele Morrison attunes practising and aspiring leaders to identity and practice that transforms educational settings and secures high performance, equity outcomes for all.

An experienced teacher and senior school leader, Michele’s research and teaching focuses on the professional formation of educational leaders through dialogic praxis. Michele prioritises educative processes that privilege lived experience and a concern for the humanity of leadership.

Her doctoral thesis highlights the embedded and embodied nature of leading in context. It provides insight into the messiness of change, factors that enable and constrain school leaders, and the human impact of change endeavours. Accordingly, Michele favours longitudinal narrative research that honours participant voices.

Consistent with her commitment to relationship, relational sensitivities and reciprocity, Michele has developed and teaches postgraduate coaching and mentoring qualifications. She has completed international mentor training with renowned world expert, David Clutterbuck.

Papers Taught

Research Interests

Highlighted publications:

  • Morrison, M. (2019). Context counts: Leading educational reform in New Zealand secondary schools. PhD thesis. University of Waikato.

Recent Publications

  • Morrison, M., & Kedian, J. (2017). In the mi[d]st of policy enactment: Leading innovative learning environments (ILEs) in New Zealand schools. Journal of Educational Leadership Policy and Practice, 32(1), 1-6.

  • Morrison, M. (2017). Editorial. Journal of Educational Leadership Policy and Practice, 32, 1-2.

  • Morrison, M. (2017). Conceiving context: The origins and development of the conceptual framework. In P. Angelle (Ed.), A Global Perspective of Social Justice Leadership for School Principals (pp. 43-62). Information Age Publishing Inc.

  • Notman, R., Morrison, M., & McNae, R. (2017). Introduction: Leading for social justice and high needs in education. In R. McNae, M. Morrison, & R. Notman (Eds.), Educational leadership in Aotearoa New Zealand: Issues of context and social justice (pp. 1-13). NZCER Press.

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Education; Education Research; Leadership; Learning Centered Leadership; Schools (Primary/Secondary); Te Kotahitanga

Coaching and Mentoring, Social Justice, Culturally Responsive Leadership, Context, Narrative, Qualitative Methodologies, Bourdieu

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Room: TL.3.02
Phone: 8384466 xtn7875