Professor Matthew Parsons

Matthew Parsons

Professor of Gerontology

Qualifications: PhD MSc BSc (Hons) RGN NZRN

Recent Publications

  • Loke, S. C., MacDonald, B. A., Parsons, M., & Wünsche, B. C. (2021). Accelerated superpixel image segmentation with a parallelized DBSCAN algorithm. Journal of Real-Time Image Processing. doi:10.1007/s11554-021-01128-5

  • Shaw, V. M., Yu, A., Parsons, M., Olsen, T., & Walker, C. (2021). Acute assessment services for patient flow assistance in hospital emergency departments. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, 2021(4). doi:10.1002/14651858.CD014553

  • Cameron, M., Shaw, V., & Parsons, M. (2020). Expanding the emergency Nurse role to meet demand: Nurse and physician perspectives. Emergency Nurse, 28(6), 21-28. doi:10.7748/en.2020.e2031

  • Metzelthin, S. F., Rostgaard, T., Parsons, M., & Burton, E. (2020). Development of an internationally accepted definition of reablement: A Delphi study. Ageing and Society. doi:10.1017/S0144686X20000999

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