Dr Nick Munn

Nick Munn

Senior Lecturer

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Twitter: @NJMunn

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Research Interests

Nick works in Ethics and Political Philosophy.  Within ethics, his work focuses primarily on the ethics of virtual worlds, and on the challenges technology generates for our existing ethical systems.  In political philosophy, Nick works on democratic theory, and in particular the status of marginalised groups within democratic societies.  Such groups include the young, persons with disabilities, and criminals.

Recent Publications

  • Fiore, R. M., Frame, T. R., Uroza, S., Anderson, L., Munn, N., Barnard, M., & O'Connell, M. B. (2019). Ethical decision making. In M. B. O'Connell, & J. A. Smith (Eds.), Women's Health Across the Lifespan (2e) (2nd ed.). McGraw-Hill Medical.

  • Munn, N. (2019). Democracy without voting. In 2019 American Philosophical Association Pacific Division Conference. Vancouver, Canada. Open Access version:

  • Munn, N. J. (2018). Against the political exclusion of the incapable. Journal of Applied Philosophy, 35(3), 601-616. doi:10.1111/japp.12229

  • Munn, N. (2018). Democracy without voting. In Australasian Association of Philosophy/New Zealand Association of Philosophy (AAP/NZAP) Conference. Conference held at Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand.

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Environmental Ethics; Environmental Politics; Human Rights; Morals and Ethics; Philosophy; Politics; Technology; Youth

Democratic theory and practice; criminal justice; youth justice; ethics of new technology; youth political engagement; deliberative democracy; environmental ethics; rationality; political capacity; voting.

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