Dr Nēpia Mahuika

Nēpia Mahuika

Convenor History Programme; Graduate Student Adviser (History), Senior Lecturer

Qualifications: BTchg/BA (Hons), MA, PhD Waikato

Iwi: Ngāti Porou

About Nēpia

Dr Nēpia Mahuika is Ngāti Porou. He is the convenor of History at the University of Waikato, and has served as chair of Te Pouhere Kōrero (Māori Historians Collective of Aotearoa), and is a past President of the National Oral History Association of New Zealand. Dr Mahuika specialises in New Zealand history and Māori and iwi histories, oral history, historical theory and methodology, indigenous histories, and history and ethics. He is a Fulbright Scholar (UOI, 2013), and was the inaugural recipient of the Judith Binney Fellowship in 2019.

His most recent book, Rethinking Oral History and Tradition (OUP, 2019) was awarded the OHA Book prize in 2020 and challenges non-indigenous definitions of oral history practice, politics, ethics and theory. Dr Mahuika writes on Māori martial arts, whakapapa (genealogy), biography and history, historical trauma, wānanga as historical pedagogy and method, and decolonization. He is currently working on a History of Mākutu in Aotearoa, an edited collection on global Indigenous oral history methods and ethics, and is part of the working group involved in writing the New Zealand History curriculum reset for 2022.

Recent Publications

Mahuika, N. (2021).  “The Value of Mātauranga to History”, in Mātauranga Māori at the Interface, edited by Ruru, J., and Nikora, L. Dunedin: Otago University Press: 148-159.

Mahuika, N. and Mahuika, R. (2020). “Wānanga as a Research Methodology”, Alter-Native, 16, 4: 369–377.

Kukutai, T.; Mahuika, N, Kani, H., Ewe, D., Kukutai, K. H. (2020). "Survivance as Narrative Identity: Voices from a Ngāti Tipa Oral History Project", MAI Journal: A New Zealand Journal of Indigenous Scholarship, 9, 3: 309- 320.

Mahuika, N. (2019). Rethinking Oral History and Tradition: An Indigenous Perspective. New York: Oxford University Press.

Mahuika, N. (2019). “A Brief History of Whakapapa: Māori Approaches to Genealogy”, Genealogy, 3, 32: 1-13.

Mahuika, N. (2019) “Kaupapa Māori History: Negotiating the Past Before Us”, Te Pouhere Kōrero, Māori History, Māori Peoples, 9: 51-72.

Mahuika, N. (2017)  “An Outsiders Guide to Public Oral History in New Zealand”, New Zealand Journal of Public History, 5, 1: 3-18.

Mahuika, N. (2016) “Telling Us in the Days Destined To You”, Biography, 39, 3: 328-333.

Mahuika, N. (2015). “New Zealand History is Māori History: Tikanga as the Ethical Foundation of Historical Scholarship in Aotearoa New Zealand”, New Zealand Journal of History, 49 (1):5-30.

Papers Taught

Recent Publications

  • Mahuika, N., & Mahuika, R. (2020). Wānanga as a research methodology. AlterNative, 16(4), 369-377. doi:10.1177/1177180120968580

  • Kukutai, T., Mahuika, N., Kani, H., Ewe, D., & Kukutai, K. (2020). Survivance as narrative identity: Voices from a Ngāti Tiipa oral history project. MAI Journal, 9(3), 309-320. Retrieved from Open Access version:

  • Mahuika, N. (2019). Rethinking oral history and tradition: An Indigenous perspective. Oxford University Press, USA.

  • Mahuika, N. (2019). A brief history of Whakapapa: Māori approaches to genealogy. Genealogy, 3(2), 32. doi:10.3390/genealogy3020032

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History; Indigenous Rights; Maori; Maori History; Maori Identity; Maori Land and Community; New Zealand History; Treaty of Waitangi

Māori and Indigenous Histories, Oral History, New Zealand History, Historical Methodology and Theory, Ethics, Historical Pedagogy, History of Māori Martial Arts, History of Mākutu