Dr Nicole Pepperell

Nicole Pepperell

Te Puna Ako – Centre for Tertiary Teaching and Learning

Qualifications: PhD (RMIT University); Grad Cert TTL (RMIT University); MA (Chicago); BA, Hons (Chicago)

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Recent Publications

  • Law, D., & Pepperell, N. (2018). Oppression in the commons: Cautionary notes on Elinor Ostrom's concept of self-governance. In G. Zajdow (Ed.), Proceedings of The Australian Sociological Association Conference (pp. 7-12). Melbourne, Australia: TASA.

  • Pepperell, N. (2018). Beyond reification: Reclaiming Marx’s concept of the fetish character of the commodity. Contradictions: a Journal for Critical Thought, 2(2), 33-55.

  • Law, D., & Pepperell, N. (2017). Sociology and the mirror of nature: Robert Brandom and the strong programme. Journal of Sociology, 53(1), 245-263. doi:10.1177/1440783316651497

  • Magee, L., Richardson, A., & Pepperell, N. (2016). The lucky country vs. a fierce planet: Gamification and simulation as tools for teaching complex social theories of sustainability. In M. Chou (Ed.), Proceedings of the 2016 Annual Conference of The Australian Sociological Association (TASA) (pp. 236-239). Melbourne, Australia: TASA.

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Assessment and Evaluation in Education; Doctoral Education; E-Education; E-Learning; Social Science Research; Sociology; Tertiary Education

Critical Theory; Critical Race Theory; Postcolonial Theory; Historical Sociology; Social Theory; Social Movements and Intellectual History; Pragmatism

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