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Qualifications: M.Eng Systems Engineering

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Nick's a passionate technology leader & educator with a history of achievement through a mixture of creativity, leadership & outcomes focused delivery. Nick thrives on solving complex problems & coaching other to do their best through the appropriate application of technology using a holistic systems approach of people, process & technology. To date Nick's career spans 20 years  of international experience (across the UK, Sweden, Germany, Australia & New Zealand) across Engineering, Digital Technology and leadership roles within Agri-tech, Government, Finance, Airlines, Aviation, Logistics, Defence & Manufacturing industries.

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Recent Publications

  • Pickering, N. (2018). If the Top Gun technology is here & affordable, how & where should I use it?. Retrieved from

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Agriculture; E-commerce; Electronics; Engineering; Human Computer Interaction; Knowledge Management; Leadership; Learning in Science and Technology; Product Design; Remote Sensing; Software Engineering; Technology; Technology Education; Web; Work Experience-Based Learning