Dr Ottilie Stolte

Ottilie Stolte

Senior Lecturer

Qualifications: BSocSc, MSocSc, PhD Waikato

About Ottilie

Dr Stolte works as an interdisciplinary social scientist who applies societal, community, and critical approaches to her research.

Papers Taught

Research Interests

Ottilie has broad interests in contemporary societal issues, inequalities and structural change. Key research interests include poverty, homelessness, health and inequalities. Using mostly in-depth qualitative research, Ottilie seeks to understand psychological issues within the broader social, cultural, economic and political contexts of people's everyday lives.

Recent Publications

  • Hodgetts, D., Andriolo, A., Stolte, O., & King, P. (2021). An impressionistic orientation towards visual inquiry into the conduct of everyday life. Qualitative Research in Psychology. doi:10.1080/14780887.2021.1901165

  • Elliot Noe, E., Clarkson, B. D., & Stolte, O. (2021). The “desire to have it all”: multiple priorities for urban gardens reduces space for native nature. Ecology and Society, 26(2). doi:10.5751/es-12515-260243 Open Access version:

  • Charvin-Fabre, S., Stolte, O., & Lawrenson, R. (2020). Amenable mortality within the New Zealand homeless population: we can do better!. The New Zealand Medical Journal, 133(1527), 26-38.

  • Cassim, S., Hodgetts, D., & Stolte, O. (2020). Exploring distancing among Sri Lankan migrants in New Zealand. International Journal of Intercultural Relations, 79, 165-176. doi:10.1016/j.ijintrel.2020.09.003

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Health; Poverty; Psychology; Social Science Research; Sociology

Homelessness, poverty, health inequalities, everyday life, place, community, social justice