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Associate Professor  Paresha Sinha researches at the intersection of international business, strategy, and international entrepreneurship domains.

Her research examines the impact of home and host institutional environments on the expansion of MNE operations and evaluates CSR strategies in the emerging or transition economies, the transfer of global practices and processes, and the legitimization strategies used by its leaders in response to differing stakeholder pressures in such pluralistic settings. She also studies the impact of perceived institutional distance between domestic and foreign markets on the market entry decisions and the decision-making logic used by owners of smaller internationalizing firms.

Her most recent research explains how managers rhetorically revise imprinted decision-making rules to adapt organizational decision-making to changing environments encountered during the firm’s rapid international expansion. Her work is published in leading journals such as Strategic Management Journal, Journal of World Business, Business, Strategy and the Environment, Human Relations, Organization Studies, Journal of Business Ethics,  Journal of Business Research, Strategic Organization and Personnel Review. She is the senior editor of the International Journal of Emerging Markets, Associate Editor of Corporate Governance and serves on the editorial review board of the Journal of Business Research and the Journal of World Business. She is a Research Fellow of the New Zealand – India Research Institute, and a progress fellow at the  Aston India Centre for  Applied Research  (AICAR), Aston University, UK.

Papers Taught

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SGR Chief Supervisor

Khine Lwin- Founding imprints, Entrepreneurial orientation and Performance of manufacturing SMEs in Myanmar

Yu Lu- Chinese wine consumers and winery visitors to New Zealand: The consumer behavior theory and decision-making process

Vishaka Gunasekara Welamedde-Reaching the top: Women in the boardroom in Sri Lanka

Kola Fatokun- Refugee resettlement and socio-economic participation through entrepreneurship: The case of Aotearoa New Zealand

Shanika Perera- Entrepreneurial Orientation, Ambidextrous Learning, and Networking in Emerging Market SMEs: The Moderating Role of Exporters’ Absorptive Capacity

Recent Publications

  • Niu, X., & Sinha, P. (2021). Why do firms adopt green innovation? An exploratory literature review and directions for future research. In 34th ANZAM Conference. Virtual.

  • Lee, Y. -K., Sinha, P., Kim, S. -H., Swanson, E., Yang, J. -J., & Kim, E. -J. (2021). The expatriate and local hotel general managers: Differing approaches to employees’ loyalty. International Journal of Emerging Markets, online, 20 pages. doi:10.1108/ijoem-03-2020-0278

  • Fatokun, K., & Sinha, P. (2021). Entrepreneurship as a pathway to refugee resettlement: A literature review and future research directions. In 34th ANZAM Conference. Virtual.

  • Perera, S., Sinha, P., & Gilbert-Saad, A. (2021). Entrepreneurial orientation and export performance of SMEs in emerging markets: Towards a causal model of ambidextrous learning and networking. In 34th ANZAM Conference. Virtual.

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